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Build Your Own Outdoor Storage Unit with Garden Sheds

An outdoor storage unit can come in handy for storing extra items or your garden tools. You won’t have to bump into an entire mess when you have a storage unit. Are you curious to learn how to build your own outdoor storage? If so, read along.

Carpenter Woman at work building a shed

Tools you’ll need 

  • Hammer
  • Chalk line
  • Circular saw
  • Caulk gun
  • Drill bit set
  • Tape measure
  • Drill/driver – cordless
  • Level
  • Speed square
  • Shovel
  • Safety glasses
  • Wheelbarrow

7 Steps to build your own outdoor storage unit

1. Choose the right location and collect the materials

Find a flat surface in your lawn or backyard, says Better Home and Garden. If there’s a slope, use gravel to flat it out. All the above materials are quite easy to collect. However, you may face some problems with the roof panel.

Also, ensure that you treat trim material 2-3 weeks before beginning the work. It’ll dry off and will hold the paint better. Go for galvanized nails and screws to prevent corrosion.

 2.  Assembling the floor

It includes numerous sub-steps as follows: –

Leveling the Sleepers:

You need to lay the sleepers on the gravel.

Make sure the sleepers are leveled.

Attach the flooring: 

Now, this part requires your focus.

Attach the floor frame to the sleepers on end.

Now, you have to dig trenches.

The trenches should be 10 inches wide by 6 inches deep and centered 3 feet and 6 inches apart.

You need to cut the treated sleepers (2*6) to size and place them over the gravel.

You need to place it so that the outside edges are 4m feet apart. Now place the four feet level over one of the sleepers.

After that, frame the floor with 16d nails.

Now place a sheet of 1/2 inches 4 x 8 feet. Place treated plywood over the floor frame.

And then fasten the plywood using 8d nails. Now place the floor on the sleepers and use screws at an angle in the sleepers.

 3.  Framing the wall and roof 

Erecting the walls: 

Now, build the walls and attach them to the floor with screws.

Also, use temporary bracing for holding the walls plumb.

Installing purlins: 

Use fence brackets to install the purlins.

Installing the rafters:

  1. Attach the rafters to the header and create a flat plane for the roof.
  2. Build the back and front walls.
  3. Use treated lumber for door trimmers and bottom plates.
  4. Nail the assembled walls to the floor with 16d nails.

Now use fence brackets and nail them to the outer studs on both front and back walls. Use 8d nails and keep the tops 1-1.5 inches above the shelf support. After that, cut the purlins according to the size and set them in the brackets. Drive 4d nails through the bracket spaces. And

Now, you have to set the header. Use 16d nails and drive them through the underside of the top place every 6-8 inches. Hold the rafters along the header and back wall to mark the angled part of the rafters. Now cut the rafters to size. Use good fence brackets for holding rafters on the back wall.

After that, nail the brackets to keep the top above the wall’s top; now, nail the rafters into the brackets. Face nail the opposite end flush with the top & side of the header using 16d nails. Install the rafters to frame the roof. Use two mid beams and cut them at 93 inches.

Now mark the rafters at two-third and one-third distances between the wall. Finally, place the mid beams at the mark and connect them using 16d nails.

4. Side Installation

Close the panel corner: 

Now, cut the fiber cement sheets and nail them. Lend some extra support to the heavy sidings using temporary nails. Bring a carbide saw to cut the fiber cement siding panels. Keep the siding about 1.5 inches from the bottom to avoid contact with the ground.

Now cut the panels for the front and the back walls. Butt the rear panels over the mid stud. Nail the panels with 8d nails with a smooth-faced hammer. Hold the panel’s side and mark them along the rafter’s top

5. Adding the Trim

Use fascia to trim the storage locker and then add the corner boards. Install 1*4 fascia on the locker’s top and add the sides to the back and front. Now cut each piece in size and attach it using 8d nails. Now cut and place the 1*3 fascia over the 1*4 fascia.  

Make use of untreated lumber for the corner boards. Now cut the corner board and place them using 8d nails. Attach the boards to the sides and then from front to back. Now you have to cut and install the 2×4 door supports flush with the door’s opening.

6. Installing the Roof

Lay a thick layer of caulk on the plug strip before attaching the roof panel. Place wooden panel plug outside the facial along the back and the front wall. Drill pilot holes and nail the plug holes with 4d nails. Use a circular saw to cut a 9 feet long panel in half. Place a thick bead of silicone caulk along with the plugs. After that, set the panels to place, and cut ay overhanging part to ensure its uniform.

7.  Hang The doors & Paint it

Hold the doors in a proper position and screw them on the hinges. Use treated lumber to build your doors. Assemble the doors and attach them using 6d nails at an angle. It is to prevent any poke-through. Once you’re done, you can paint the entire structure the way you want.

The process may sound quite hard to implement. And if that’s the case, you can contact for professional help in building the outdoor storage.

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