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Boulder Canyon Kettle Chips Nail Thanksgiving Flavors

I received Boulder Canyon Foods Turkey and Gravy and Pumpkin Pie Chips in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

November is the month my mouth waters. All the flavors of Thanksgiving. The foods that I have a lifelong emotional attachment to. The flavors of turkey with that golden brown, crispy skin that pairs like a dream with the rich, dark, savory gravy puddled on top of the fluffy, mashed potatoes. Followed up with the delicate, mousse-like texture pumpkin pie.

Then, one day, I came home to a package sent by Boulder Canyon and my wait was over. The flavors of Thanksgiving seasoned my favorite potato chips. Bailey Mae knew it was worth the wait.


Bailey Mae and I sat on the couch, opened the bag and gave our mouths one chip, then another and declared, “These potato chips taste EXACTLY like Thanksgiving!


Boulder Canyon Foods nailed the Thanksgiving flavor profiles. The Turkey and Gravy tasted like Turkey and Gravy and the Pumpkin Pie, like Pumpkin Pie.

Boulder Canyon offers an entire Thanksgiving Feast in potato chips. There are limited-edition flavors of Stuffing, Turkey and Gravy, Cranberry, and Pumpkin Pie.

My handful of chips came one after another, a brilliant blend of spices that just kept tempting me and making my mouth crave more.

I obliged, until, suddenly, it seemed, the bag was gone and the only two in the entire house were Bailey Mae and me.



I had one pumpkin pie chip and then the bag disappeared.

These are pumpkin PIE not pumpkin SPICE. They taste like the real deal…

Make no mistake, these Boulder Canyon Thanksgiving Feast kettle chips are so much like the real thing, you might skip all the prep work and just feast on your own bag!

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