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Blogging Conference in Your Future?

Leave Your Calling Card

I’ve never been to a blog conference. It’s on my bucket list. I read about the conferences through my favorite bloggers and I can’t wait for the amazing experience to be mine. I’m preparing myself. I want to connect with others, but worry that sometimes I am invisible. My husband tells me no one listens because I have an “annoying wife’s voice”, so I’m opting for business cards.
Allow me to be frank. I’m not totally organized. In fact, I often think if an organized person had to walk a mile in my shoes their head might explode. I’m working on this and part of my 12 step program is how I would pass out my business cards and what to do with the ones I collect! Tricky!

Obviously, my ginormous purse that looks like I’m moving is not going to be a successful option. It’s like a black hole and once things go in, they seldom see the light of day again. Can you imagine me standing there, trying to give you my calling card, digging into the depths of the abyss and apologizing profusely that I ‘know I have one somewhere”? Oh, good grief!

Not to mention how you must feel when I take your card, promise to be in touch and just drop your calling card into purgatory? It’d be like the PowerBall lottery if we ever connected after that!

There has to be a better way and then it struck me.

When I was a career woman, in another life, I use to have to wear a lanyard. It kept my ID and door pass where it was visible and where I could access it to bypass security. There was a clasp and a plastic sleeve that I tended to shove everything in to keep on my day’s journey. I think this would be perfect for organizing business cards!

My calling cards in the front, making me look like a woman with style with business cards so beautiful everyone would WANT one. The incoming cards, placed neatly in the back, facing me. It’s brilliant! I KNOW this would work and make me look like an organized fool!

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*I will receive 50 Tiny Prints business cards in exchange for this post. No other compensation was received. The opinions, where expressed, are my own, and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.

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