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The Big Bang Theory in Syndication–Embarrassing Moments

Thursday I watched the premier of The Big Bang Theory. I love this show! I think the characters are some of the most on television and, while I am not geeky, I covet these four to be my friends. Life would be hilarious!

On Monday, September 19, The Big Bang Theory went into syndication, launching the Pilot Episode that started it all. As we get to know the four scientists, Leonard meets Penny, the neighbor across the hall, for the first time. He is immediately infatuated with her. The other three scientists, Sheldon, Howard and Raj say Penny is an attainable goal. Leonard is an idealist and strives to be worthy of her. This leads to a hilarious story line where Leonard pushes the limit and confronts her much larger and stronger ex-boyfriend, resulting in Leonard and Sheldon getting de-panted. It still makes me laugh.

Back in High School when hair was big and bold and I was by all accounts, a size seven, I drove a Ford LTD. It was not an amazing car, but it was mine. It was a pimp ride with its dark grey vinyl roof and metallic silver paint. For the time it was boxie, a ’78 model. It has an issue with the radiator and sometimes, I’d have to pull over, cut the water hose, reattach it and fill the radiator.

On one such time, I was out driving home from the Great Salt Lake when my Ford LTD broke down. It was long before cell phones–this is not to say they were not around, but who seriously could afford one? Without a phone and no pay-phone in sight, I had to head out to get help. I elected to climb a fence–a chain-linked fence, similar to what might be found behind the batter at a baseball game. It was between the perimeter road and the freeway.

I climbed up the chain-linked fence like a rock star. I flipped over the fence to head down the other side.

This is when trouble started.

In my flipping over the top of the fence, my shirt twisted, along with my bra and both ended up behind me. There I was plastered on the fence like a crucified child, my bare chest exposed to on-coming traffic.

I might as well had a sign above me that read, “Honk, if you see me”! There were plenty of honks before two nice, though gawking guys stopped to help me.

It is a perspective, I hope never again to find myself.

The Big Bang Theory is now on 5 Nights a Week visit to check your local listings and laugh out loud.

What’s the most embarassing thing you’ve had happen to you?

*“I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote The Big Bang Theory in Syndication.”
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