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Best E-Bike Tours Around the World

Electric biking keeps on gaining unrivaled popularity around the world and bicycle tour operators are beginning to take notice. In recent years, multiple e-bike tours and trips have been organized to serve as the perfect recreational activity to keep you busy during a vacation.

From easy-going routes that wind through big cities to off-road bike paths that require a little bit of grit, the current crop of electric bikes will take you on all kinds of adventures without ruining the holiday mood!

In this post, we consider the best e-bike tours around the world.

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Tuscan Countryside

Tuscany is one of the most visited destinations in Italy, famous for its irresistible Renaissance art and architecture. The Tourissimo cycling tour takes you through some of the most iconic destinations in the region, including the charming hillside town of Cortona and the abbeys, wineries, and thermal springs in the countryside near Pienza.

Spanning over 70 miles, the e-bike tour gives you a rare opportunity to experience a rich taste of Italy’s history. According to e-biking, all you need is a fast electric bike that will go the distance as you marvel at the sights and soak in the fresh breeze.

E-MTB Safari in Namibia

If you are up for an African Safari on two wheels, this roller coaster ride will get you to experience Motherland uniquely. This journey traverses vast plains and mega heaps of dunes, with a chance to encounter dry streambeds, rocky jeep tracks, and shipwrecks on the Skeleton Coast of Namibia.

Get up close and personal with nature from the saddle of your electric mountain bike when you come across elephants, zebras, oryx, and giraffes on the way. Finally, you’ll be able to partake in the rich African by connecting with the local communities along the cycling route!

The Cultural Pedal

The Cultural Pedal enables you to explore the beauty of Croatia from the coast. This self-guided e-bike tour from Pula to Porec takes on the refreshing coastal bike paths in the Istrian Peninsula. It passes through enchanting oak forests and underneath dramatic umbrella pines.

Riders get the chance to revel in the intricate frescoes found inside the Byzantine and Baroque basilicas of Rovinj and discover Pula’s Roman amphitheater. Afterward, you can cool off and enjoy a breather against the backdrop of the glittering Adriatic Sea before strolling across Farzana’s harbor as the sun sets.

The Uphill Climb

Those who like to push themselves to the limit will fancy this uphill battle on two wheels. Mystical Bhutan guided tour tackles the tricky peaks on SpiceRoad and served as the ideal physical challenge during your holiday. The adventure begins in Paro and takes you through century-old Bhutanese history with medieval fortresses and antique monasteries to discover on the way.

Uncover the mystery of Bhutan traditions before pedaling your way past the wild Himalayan countryside, cute remote villages, and imposing bamboo forests. This tour features multiple uphill climbs that will require you to sweat it out, but you shouldn’t be worried when you have the motor on your electric bike providing the needed assistance.

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Cruise D.C. Monuments at Night

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to live out your movie fantasies, this tour brings to life all the D.C. monuments and landmarks from your favorite Hollywood blockbusters. It doesn’t get more dramatic at sunset when all these monuments are bathed in golden lights with additional water features in the background.

The D.C. Sunset E-bike tour ensures that participants experience most of the famous city. The leisurely experience of riding an e-bike allows you to pause, marvel at, and even take a snap of important memorials along the way.

Pedal Through Angkor Wat

The Angkor Archeological Park in Cambodia is massive and a sight to behold! Aside from the famous Angkor Wat, you get to spend a week riding around the Buddhist and Hindu temples as you explore the different sections of the park. Those who like to socialize with strangers will appreciate the massive tour bus crowds on the way, while the introverted riders can find quiet and unexplored corners in the park to savor some “alone time.” 

Pedal Hidden Hokkaido

This group cycle tour of Japan’s far North allows riders to uncover Hokkaido’s mystery! The ride takes you through the rural farmlands, wild coasts, rolling mountain scapes, and a host of UNESCO world sites like the Shiretoko Peninsula. You discover the elusive Shika deer and Japan’s largest brown bear population here.

From there, you can soak in the Japanese tradition and culture with a stay at the ryokan inns and relish a revitalizing dip into the hot springs after a long cycle!

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