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3 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Eco Friendly!

When it comes to becoming more environmentally friendly, people immediately start to think about significant investments such as hybrid vehicles or better recycling habits. I know they are pretty impactful, but first, we have to start from where we live. Start with simple and small things, such as using an environmentally friendly mattress. When you go through your house, room by room, you’ll know that these little steps are impactful and help to attain a more organic lifestyle.

This is effective for two main reasons: First, it will be more comfortable, manageable, and less expensive than converting everything at once. Second, it not only makes your home sustainable but also gives you healthy habits. This will help to improve your lifestyle without compromising on comfort and design.

In this blog, we’re focussing on an important part of the home, and that is the Bedroom! This is the place where you spend most of your time and can finally unwind and relax after a hectic day. So, how can you make your bedroom more sustainable?


bed in a box on platform bed frame.


3 Simple Ways To Create an Eco-Friendly Bedroom

Yes, it is possible and also easy to create an eco-friendly bedroom. Here are some ways by which you can make your place more environment appropriate:

1. Choose an Organic Mattress

Let’s start with the most essential part of your bedroom: The Mattress. Look for a “Green” mattress, which simply means those made from sustainable or organic materials such as wool, natural latex, and cotton. These mattresses are created explicitly from plant-based and natural materials. They’re renewable, environmentally-safe, and super comfortable to use.

There are numerous options available in the market and online such as the Eco-Lux mattress from Bedinabox. It is made from a plush memory foam that has 34% renewable materials. A breathable, moisture-wicking organic cotton cover also comes with it, which ensures a comfy sleep.

These bedding types are biodegradable and free of toxins, which is good for both your health and the environment!

2. Buy Used Furniture

Another easy but effective way to recycle is to pick second-hand furniture. There are many gently worn hand-me-down bedroom furniture from beds to dressers to nightstands that you can find in the nearby market, thrift stores, and garage sales.

Even if you’re buying the new ones, just make sure to take those who are strong and sturdy so that they will last for years. Adopting these sustainably-made or recycled pieces will not only save you money but also help you to keep the environment more healthy.

3. Install LED or Fluorescent Bulbs

The last way to live an organic lifestyle is to change all your bedroom lights to LEDs.

When you compare, you’ll be surprised to know that a single Incandescent bulb uses 60 W of electricity and only lasts for about 1,200 hours, but a LED uses 7 W and will last 25,000 hours or more!

You can even go for Fluorescent bulbs as they’re also better than incandescent bulbs because only 14 W of energy consumption has an 8,000-hour lifespan. But still, people prefer LEDs as they give bright and pure light and result in a better atmosphere.

Believe me, keeping your lighting green is easy. First, try to use a minimum number of lights and ensure that all of your lights are LED. Second, use as much natural light as possible. Only turn the lights on when you need them and simply turn them off when you leave the room.

Not just lights, try to use more eco-friendly appliances in your bedroom. This way, you can conserve energy and save a lot of money.

Final Thoughts

Making your home more eco-friendly is a process, and it can’t be done all at once. You have to go through each room and each section of your home. Just with the right planning and forethought, you can easily create an environment-friendly bedroom that you’ll love to sleep and wake in.

Also, from now on, carefully consider every purchase. You have to do proper research and find the best products and pieces for your home to create a delightful atmosphere.

Not only in bedrooms, but you can also apply this technique to multiple rooms of your house. You can start applying these small changes to any part of your house. First, pick one room and think about how you can make it more sustainable. In short, enjoy and have fun in the process!

Just remember that your small steps will reduce your carbon footprint and take all of us one step closer to a sustainable and happy society!

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