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How to Beat the Stress of Last Minute Travel Packing

Packing last minute happens to everyone! There are multiple reasons for this: we may have been putting off packing, completely forgot about doing so, or perhaps, truly didn’t have enough time until the very last minute to purchase luggage altogether. However, despite the lack of time, packing efficiently is not an impossible feat. All that we need to do is maintain a level-headed attitude and stay organized during the whole process.

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Follow these easy organizing tips to beat the stress of last-minute traveling packing!

Establish a list of what to pack

Before you pack, list everything you need instead of throwing everything you own into a bag. You may find that you need more or less than expected. Once you’ve established a list, then you can pack accordingly. A list can combat the anxiety of feeling something has been left behind.

Utilize organizers

Implement the use of packing cubes or organizers whenever packing luggage, a car, or even a trunk. This is especially important if you’re going on a road trip: you need a car organizer to separate your family’s luggage from one another, keep large items secure, and prevent small items from flying around when driving over a bumpy road.

Avoid overpacking

Don’t overpack; be minimal. What’s worse than last-minute stress is having to keep track of an excessive and unnecessary amount of baggage it. When choosing a wardrobe for your trip, opt for clothes that follow a complementing color palette with one and can suit all types of weather in a versatile fashion. Furthermore, leave valuable and sentimental items at home when you’re packing last minute; you’re more likely to lose them amid your time-crunched packing. 

If flying, place the most important items in a carry-on

Put your most important and hard-to-replace items, such as electronics, personal information, and travel documents in a carry-on. You never want to separate yourself from them. Furthermore, have your toiletries in the carry-on and an extra change of clothes just in case your main luggage gets lost in transit. Speaking from personal experience, this was a saving grace!

Take the plunge to buy traveler’s insurance.

Unexpected events always happen: losing luggage, theft, and even canceled trips. According to Money Crashers,  Traveler’s insurance can reimburse you for expenses resulting from the circumstances above in addition to medical bills that need to be paid for out-of-pocket.

Final Thoughts

Packing at the last minute before a trip happens to the best of us, but it doesn’t have to be a painful and anxiety-inducing experience. As long as we stay organized, focused, and make the most out of our time before catching a flight or hitting the road, we can still enjoy our vacation, knowing everything we need is on hand. The only thing you should worry about during a trip is whether or not you’re having too much fun!

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