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How a Bad Marriage can Impact Your Health

Let’s begin by defining a bad marriage since there are several possible scenarios that could fall into this category.  A marriage can go bad in any number of ways, from two people simply growing apart and falling out of love, to a couple that never sees each other because one or both parties work too much, to a spouse that is cheating, to an abusive situation (verbally, physically, or otherwise).


While there are varying levels of “badness” associated with each situation, the truth is that you know when things aren’t right between you and the person you married.  And the situation can have more of an impact on your health than you might imagine.  Here’s how.

For starters, a physically abusive relationship can have obvious negative impacts, both on your body and your mind.  While verbal and psychological abuse won’t necessarily scar your body, they can also lead to physical symptoms.  Bruises, cuts, and broken bones are bad enough, but this type of abusive relationship can cause depression, anxiety, fear, self-esteem issues, and a whole host of other mental problems that can, in turn, lead to physical health issues such as hypertension, ulcers, insomnia, and so on.

Anyone, woman or man, who finds themselves in an abusive relationship, should get out as quickly as possible for their own mental and physical well-being.

But not all situations are this extreme.  Sometimes a marriage goes bad because people make mistakes, take each other for granted, or simply don’t put time and effort into making the relationship work.  People grow up and grow apart.  But that doesn’t mean that the two of you are fine with the situation.  There is bound to be a lot of strife in the household as you try to figure out where things went wrong and how to fix them (or if you even want to try).  This is where your health can suffer from the negative impact of your situation.

No one expects to be happy all the time, but most of us would settle for contentment.  Unfortunately, a marriage in upset possesses neither of these qualities.  And when you’re distressed, your health can go down the drain.

Stress and unhappiness have a number of effects on your physical state, believe it or not.  You may suffer body aches and fatigue, likely due to restless sleep and pent-up tension.  You could have digestive problems, especially if you have a history of anxiety.  You may even start to have panic attacks.  You could become more susceptible to illness and infection.  And of course, rapid weight loss or weight gain is a definite possibility, along with heart disease and other problems that could go with them.

In short, any ongoing negativity in your personal life is bound to come with some type of drawback.

However, there are ways to turn it around.  You should first consider marriage counseling if you think you want to try to work things out.  Many young couples (and even those that have been together quite a while) lack the communication skills necessary to carry out a fulfilling relationship, and this is one area where a counselor can help you and your spouse to get on the same page and begin to form a mutual understanding and respect.

On the other hand, you may simply be at the end of your rope with no solution in sight.  In this case, it’s may be time to call it quits.  Although divorce is difficult, there’s no reason to beat a dead horse and spend the next several years watching your health deteriorate.

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