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The Backyard Pool: The Mistakes You Absolutely Must Avoid

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So you’ve finally decided that you want to build a backyard pool. This in itself is a big decision, given that backyard pools are not only expensive to build, but there are a whole lot of different things that could potentially go wrong. It’s a universal rule that we have to get things done right the first time, otherwise, mistakes that weren’t supposed to be committed have a higher chance of happening. So of all the mistakes that you could make when building a backyard pool, which are the ones that you absolutely need to avoid? Read on to find out.

The Backyard Pool: The Mistakes You Absolutely Must Avoid

The Backyard Pool: The Mistakes You Absolutely Must Avoid

Underestimating the Scope and Cost

Building a pool is no small task, and that cannot be stated enough. The process involves a lot of preparation, along with a drill and blast phase, before you begin actually to build the pool itself. Always find out what the total cost and the entire scope of the project are in order to avoid ending up with a half-finished pool. There has to be an emphasis on the drilling and blasting phase because this is the foundation of your pool — this determines how deep and how wide you want your pool to be.

Over-Bargain Hunting

While it’s nice to be able to save some money on the project, there should be a fine distinction between cutting corners and sticking to your budget. Often, this happens when you hire cheap builders and buy substandard materials in an attempt to save some money. Never skip essentials. The reason why you have to determine the total cost of the entirety of the project is so that you’re also able to set wiggle room budget-wise.


When you hire experts, you have to learn to trust that they know what they’re doing. They are much more knowledgeable than you are when it comes to their trade, and as a general rule, you shouldn’t disrupt their workflow. There’s a big difference between asking questions — which is totally fine — and just nitpicking on the work they do. This creates unnecessary stress between you and your worker. If you want to be able to trust your worker, you need to hire only those who have experience and those who have built a solid reputation.

Overlooking the Little Details

By this, I’m referring to the contract and the provisions within. In particular, you have to look at the payment schedules. As a general rule, you want only to make payments when there’s work that’s been finished. You don’t want to shell out money before that. Another aspect that you shouldn’t overlook in a contract is the warranty for the materials of your pool. You’re going to want peace of mind that if some materials do fail, you’ll be able to remedy the situation without too much cost and hassle.

Getting a Diving Board

This is something I feel strongly about. Diving boards don’t really provide any function, and you can only install one on a pool that’s deep enough. It presents a safety hazard to children and quite frankly, it’s a feature that’s better off skipped. I recommend spending more money on building a better deck instead of a diving board.

Always ensure that you know a child’s swimming level. When it doubt, pool floats are a safe bet and will help everyone enjoy your new pool.

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