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Back-To-School with Moodsters

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I received Moodsters in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

We’ve reached the end of summer and are in the transition between summer and fall. I call it Mom’s No-Man Zone, but across the country, it’s mostly called “Back-to-School”.

Backpacks are packed, teacher’s are sending home lists, we’re all going to bed earlier for a better night’s rest, and meal time is a little more routine. I’ve celebrated the first day of school for twenty years and I think the one thing Mom’s can’t pack in a backpack and send the kiddos out the door with is their emotional armour.

It’s a tough thing, leaving Mom and siblings behind for the first time. Starting a new school. Making new friends. Meeting a new teacher. It’s all difficult for any child to adjust.

My neighbor just started Kindergarten. He’s been counting down for me since November last year! I’m so excited to share with him and you a revolutionary creative tool– The Moodsters!


The Moodsters Feelings Notebook and Feelings Crayon Set is a new creative tool to help kids express what they are feeling. 

I love the jumbo crayons and the wrappers depict the word and a face of an emotion. The notebook has a spinning wheel to help children identify and express how they are feeling. It’s a great resource for some children who might now know how to open up.

This fun product includes:

  • Five jumbo feelings crayons, one representing each emotion,
  • A 50-sheet Feelings Notebook for kids to draw and color their feelings

Moodsters feelings notebook

($11.99, Available at your local Target and ToysRus or and

The Moodsters Plush Characters and Sticker Activity Books are based on the five lovable Moodsters detectives – Coz, Lolly, Quigly, Razzy, and Snorf – that each personify an emotion that all children experience in their everyday lives including happiness, anger, love, sadness and fear.

Oh, my goodness. We received “When I feel SAD” SNORF and he is so soft and his face makes me want to just hug him. Absolutley, adorable and the sweetest plush. Seriously!

Additional details include:

  • Each plush character features sayings specific to the emotions they represent
  • Comes with a fun and educational activity book to learn about each feeling

moodsters plush

($16.99, Available at your local Target and ToysRus or and

The Moodsters Feelings Notebook and Feelings Crayon Set and The Moodsters Plush Characters and Sticker Activity Book are adorable and a great resource to help kids transition to back to school as well as how to help kids deal with feelings of starting a new school.

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