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Baby Powder And Safety- What Every Parent Should Know

Parents want nothing but the best for their bundle of joy and are always willing to go the extra mile with baby care. As a new parent, you will want your little one to be comfortable and healthy. When it comes to caring products, baby powder is something you will always want to keep in stock to prevent diaper-rash and keep the baby’s delicate skin dry. However, recent research has brought attention to the risk associated with the use of baby talcum powder. For parents, it becomes important to be aware of these risks and understand how you can minimize them. Let us explain the possible health risks of the product in detail.

spilled baby powder

Respiratory issues

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the talc or cornstarch in baby powder can be dangerous. They can inhale the tiny particles, which can cause damage to their tiny lungs. The risk can extend to the parents as well because even you will be exposed to the same particles every time you change the little one’s diapers. The condition, at its worst, could manifest as coughing, wheezing, and shallow breathing. Long-term exposure to talc particles can lead to something as dangerous as chronic lung irritation (WebMD). If you are more sensitive, you may experience symptoms of asthma or pneumonia, but that happens only with excess use.

Cancer risk

A serious concern for parents of female babies is the possible connection between talc and cancer, considering that it may enter a woman’s reproductive tract. Besides the ongoing research, thousands of people have sued Johnson & Johnson, claiming that the brand’s talc caused their cancer is another big red flag. The FDA even found asbestos, a known carcinogen, in traces, on testing the product. Parents who suspect the same should contact an expert attorney for the baby’s talcum powder case to explore the option of a lawsuit. For parents, it becomes vital to understand the risk and know how they can claim compensation if the child suffers at a later stage.

Using baby powder safely

Although there isn’t tangible evidence to establish the risks related to baby talc usage, even suspicion is enough to make parents wary. So you need to be careful about using the product while taking the right precautions for the baby’s safety. You need to practice caution with girls because the powder may reach the ovaries through the vagina, says The Washington Post. It is best to limit the amount and frequency of usage. The respiratory risks can be curbed by being cautious about the application. Rather than sparkling it directly on the skin, apply the powder on your palms, and apply it gently. Avoid close contact with sensitive areas such as the eyes, nose, and mouth. Be sure never to apply directly to the genitals of the baby.

Although baby talcum powder is necessary, these safety concerns can make you apprehensive about its regular use. Taking precautions is important and so is keeping an eye on ongoing medical studies to assess the risks.

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