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Where to Look for Baby Name Inspiration

Naming your baby is one of your first big steps as a parent. This is a big decision since names make up a large part of a person’s identity. This isn’t just what you’ll be calling your child for the rest of his or her life; this is the name they’ll be using for job applications and in the classroom. That being said, you need to take the time to ensure you’re naming your child not only something that reflects them as an individual, but that speaks to your entire family. If you need help finding baby name inspiration, here are some ideas to get you started.

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Popular Culture

There are a lot of great baby names that you can find in popular culture! Whether you want to name your daughter after your favorite actress (you can see great examples at this blog) or your son after a past president, there are a lot of great names to choose from. Be careful when choosing a name that carries a reference to a unique period. This might date your child, and it will be painfully obvious how old they are simply from their name. Instead, choose timeless names from icons that will never go out of style.


Literature and stories are home to some of the best baby names. You likely grew up with stories that made a large impact on you, and this might be a natural choice when it comes to choosing a name. Well-known literature names for girls include favorites like Alice, Daisy, Bella, and Charlotte. Well-known boys’ names from literature include Oliver, Sawyer, and Graham. It makes perfect sense to want to name your child after your favorite literary hero! Stick to the classics when using names from literature, though. While you might love the latest fantasy series now, it might go out of style in a few short years, leaving your child with an unusual name.

The Big Screen

Like literature, you can find a lot of inspiration on the big screen. A lot of movies have wormed their way into the hearts of generations, and you might find yourself tempted to name your child after a beloved film character. Names like Gale, Emilia, Callie, and more are gaining popularity with hit TV shows and popular movies featuring characters with these names. Similar to literature, you should avoid trendy names that will come and go quickly. Stick with timeless, lasting names that suit your child.


You might find your next favorite baby name on a map. Naming your child after a favorite place is a great way to guarantee they won’t be sharing the same name with four other students in the same classroom. Popular names of places that also double as baby names include London, Arizona, and India. Avoid names that are complicated to spell or that feel too forced! Some names are better left to the place.

Your Family

Sometimes inspiration is closer than you think. Your own family probably has great names to choose from. Whether you have a revered great-aunt or a distant relative with a special name, you might want to name your son or daughter after this loved one. Traditionally, families reused names for generations. Nowadays, this trend is less common, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t come back! Using family names is a great way to strengthen your family ties and create a tradition that means something.

The Perfect Baby Name

It takes time to find the perfect baby name. You will likely need to come up with a list of several possible choices, and you might even wait until after the child is born to see what name suits the child best. The inspiration can come from anywhere! Don’t limit yourself, and be open to new ideas!

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