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Attributes Of A Great Teacher

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More than parents, teachers impact the lives of children. Children are just like blank notebooks. More than 70% of that notebook is filled by teachers. A child learns more in school than at home. A good teacher will inculcate a positive teacher-student relationship and inspire students to walk on the path of their ambitions and goals.

Attributes Of A Great Teacher

A good teacher must be able to impart education to the children engagingly and creatively so that children can naturally relate themselves to the love of learning. Instead of making the process of learning a boring experience for children, a good teacher must be capable enough to make the process of learning an exciting experience.

Almost, all renowned educational institutions train their teachers intensively before making them mainstream. With over 30 years of excellence in teaching English as a foreign language to children of all age groupsHelen Doron English institutions train its teachers intensively in the Helen Doron Spiral Methodology of Teaching before making them a part of their worldwide network of elite English teachers. Teachers at Helen Doron strive to bring a positive difference in your child’s life.

Following are some of the attributes that every great teacher possess:

Clear Objectives for the day.

A good teacher doesn’t teach in a haphazard manner. He/ she has clear objectives set out for the day’s lessons and are trained in the proper methodology to meet the set objectives.

Capable to maintain proper communication with parents.

All parents are worried about their child’s progress. A good teacher is capable to understand the areas of improvement for a student and share the same with the student’s parents. As and when needed a great teacher is available on phone calls, emails and even dedicated parent-teacher meetings.

Motivate the students to work at the best of their levels.

Since, a good teacher strives to make learning a positive, exciting, energetic and delightful experience for the children, he/ she, indirectly, motivate the students to give their best ever performance in learning. The way of teaching, itself, instills a sense of confidence in a child as the child is able to grasp things pretty quickly.

Knowledge of the standards of teaching of the institution.

Every institution has a set methodology of teaching and relative standards. A good teacher is able to uphold the methodology of teaching of the institution he/ she is affiliated with and meet associated standards of teaching while imparting the necessary subject matter to the students.

Besides, all of the above a great teacher has the passion for teaching and is able to build a strong teacher-student relationship. Without this passion, vigor, or zeal, he/she can’t build up the above-mentioned qualities or attributes.


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