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Artistry by McKenzie G Custom Hair Accessories

Artistry by McKenzie G. Feature 

One of my favorite movies is “My Fair Lady.” I love Eliza Doolittle. I love the awkwardness and crassness that transforms into this elegant, beautiful woman. It doesn’t hurt that I also love Audrey Hepburn as that character.

Also inspired by Audrey Hepburn is McKenzie Guymon from Idaho!

A Cosmetologist by profession, she understands issues women have in finding an accessory that captures who they are, “I have always loved anything vintage inspired! When I was looking for vintage inspired hair accessories, I couldn’t ever find things I liked, so I created my own!!”

artistry by mckenzie g

Mckenzie is the founder and creator of “Artistry by McKenzie G” where she creates vintage inspired hair accessories.

“I am a cosmetologist and have always loved playing with hair and have also always been a crafter. The 2 just easily mixed when I started to create in my little craft room!”

When considering a name for her business, McKenzie says,

“I  wanted to find a catchy term to go along with my name and thought what is more perfect than artistry!?!”

Of course, there are other sellers out there offering hair accessories, but McKenzie feels

“My pieces are very detailed. I have a large variety of pieces, and even the pieces that are somewhat similar to other people’s pieces, mine still have my touch. For instance, my little flower clips that are similar to other sellers are different because all of mine are hand-beaded!”

artistry by mckenzie g

One of the things that I found unique is McKenzie has started a line my four years old called, “Reuse and Recycle.” She is using items most of us throw away to create one of a kind piece for your hair. I appreciate companies who are bettering our environment!


While each piece is unique, McKenzie’s “very favorite creation is definitely my Black Chandelier Headband. I LOVE it! It is SO me!

Where does she come up with her designs? ” I love to watch Audrey Hepburn movies and even just to take materials and playing around until I am ultimately inspired.  I really just sit and play with my materials until something just hits me! I spend a lot of time in my little room listening to music and enjoy creating something new for “Artistry by McKenzie G”!”

artistry by mckenzie g

Beyond her passion for all things hair, McKenzie says,

“I love music. I listen to a lot of music! I am a wife. I spending time with my hubs is a huge priority for me. I work a lot too. I work at the salon and a bookstore on top of it all! I enjoy being busy!”

When she is not working or in her studio creating hair accessories, McKenzie is “just beginning to crochet. I totally wish I was better at it. I have a pretty hard time reading patterns. That is definitely the talent that I wish I had!”

While Guymon admits,

“It is pretty tough with my busy schedule” to find the time to create, she also celebrates “I have a lot of late nights and being in my studio is usually what my Sundays consist of when I am not at church!”

artistry by mckenzie g

McKenzie offers a Bridal line of unique items that can accessorize a veil, or add flair to the Bride and her Bridal Parties hair on that special day.

Unlike Audrey Hepburn, McKenzie found the love of her life early on, giving her the greatest accomplishment in life so far. “As cheesy as this sounds, it is probably being married to the greatest guy there is! He is so supportive of ABM*G. He always helps me by suggesting ideas and being my photographer when it is warm outside!”

artistry by mckenzie g

With all her creativity, McKenzie is also branching out and creating stunning jewelry pieces. My favorite is her Lava Ribbon Necklace while my daughters cooed with delight when they saw the “Royalty Ribbon Necklace”–must be because they’re “Princesses”!
Guymon dreams of the future and ten years from now is looking forward to being “a stay at home mom that creates accessories that sell like crazy on Etsy and in boutiques!!”

“Artistry by McKenzie G” has been featured on: Wedding with a Personal Touch, Where People Create, Camp Cupcake and most recently, Kid Giddy!

There’s much more to McKenzie Guymon. If you want to learn more, she’s not shy! “I have two blogs, a Facebook fan page, and Twitter! Follow me!! Support other Etsy sellers too!”

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