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Apache Tears Meaning and Energy

A form of Obsidian known as Apache Tears known for its connection to our emotional body. It is believed to cleanse and heal old wounds and let go of long-held grievances. It can be used to uncover frozen emotional patterns held below one’s level of awareness. 

It’s healing properties may also include use as a rescue stone for panic, shock and fear. Apache Tears are best known for their ability to comfort and lend support during grief and mourning.

What is another name for Apache Tears?

Obsidianite and Marekanite are other names for Apache Tears,  a special ariety of Obsidian that crystallizes in the form of 1-2-inch indented pebbles.

What is the story of the Apache Tear stone?

There is a legend about Apache Tears that claims once, long ago, Earth cried whenever an Apache warrior was killed in battle. The legend originalted from an incident in the 1870s when the U.S. cavalry for raids on an Arizona settlement pursued a tribe of 75 Pinal Apaches.

In the initial run fire, Apaches who weren’t killed leaped over a tall, steep cliff to their death rather than face death at the hands of US soldiers. The widowed women of the lost warriors were said to have wept for a month, and their sorrow was so sincere the Great Spirit pressed their tears into small black stones that, when held to the light, revealed the tears of the Apache.

four apaches on horseback by edward curtis

What is an Apache Tears stone good for?

Apache Tears are healing stones that help navigate grief and loss. These black stones are said to have the ability to lend comfort during times of sorrow and help those struggling with depression.

Apache Tears absorb negative energy.

These stones are believed to bring good luck, and whoever owns one will never have to cry again, for the Apache women shed their tears in place of ours.

apache tears

What chakra is Apache Tears associated with?

The energy of Apache Tears works within the base or root chakra, moving excess energy down into the earth chakra for grounding with Mother Gaia.
The energy of these stones strengthens blood and the immune system.
drawing of human with chakra stones

Are Apache Tears and obsidian the same thing?

Essentially the same stone, the Apache Tear is a sub-group or type of obsidian; both rocks are volcanic glass and black in color. 

Apache Tears are black obsidian formed by being thrown up into the air during the volcanic eruption, giving them a much less glassy and more rough appearance.

Apache tears are merikanite obsidian nodules formed when lava cools in a very short time. The rapid cooling does not allow crystals to form, resulting in volcanic glass. The nodules vary from 0.5 to 5 cm (peas to baseballs) and are often found in a perlite matrix near Superior, Arizona.

Perlite is another type of volcanic glass with a high water content that is very light colored instead of dark, like obsidian. It expands 7 to 15 times its volume when heated due to water loss and is mined for industrial uses such as insulation and cement. This stone appear as an opaque black color, but when held up to a light, they are translucent and often a shade of brown.

Where to Find Apache Tears?

Apache Tears can be found near dormant volcanic regions, predominatly in Arizona, though there are many regions in the United States where these can be found.

How to Use Apache Tears for Healing

You can keep a bowl of Apache Tears in your home to help banish sorrow, fear, and grief. Or when you are feeling sad, overwhelmed, or like you want to cry, hold these stones in your hand and let them absorb your tears.

Wearing the stone as jewelry is an excellent way to feel cared for and protected. Worn close to the heart, it can clear former disappointments and distress and open up the acceptance of higher knowledge and spiritualy.


Planetary:  Pluto and Saturn

Zodiac:  Scorpio

Element:  Fire and Earth

Powers:  Absorption of Negativity, Protection, Psychic Protection, Healing

Gender:  Female and Male

Deity:  Pele, Tezcatlipoca, Itzpapalotl, Sekhmet, Isis, Horus, Black Madonna

Chakra[s]:  Root/Base, Sacral, Heart

Other Names:  Obsidian Drops, Obsidian Tears


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