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Why Babies Need an Amber Necklace

An amber necklace, also known as the Baltic amber necklace, helps the baby and his parents have a sound sleep at night because it helps in developing the first tooth of their babies. We’ll cover why babies need an amber necklace, especially when they begin teething.

Every parent usually dreams of seeing the first tooth of his/her baby since birth. Though it is an exciting and amazing experience to see the tooth of his baby, it also includes certain challenges. The gums of the babies start paining as they start developing teeth. In this situation, a necklace made of amber can play an important role.


amber necklace

What is an Amber Teething Necklace?

An amber necklace is a highly beneficial necklace for teething babies as it reduces the inflammation and soreness in the baby’s gums while teething. This necklace releases a compound known as succinic acid when it gets heated with the heat of the body of the baby. This compound is absorbed by the baby’s body and helps ease the pain of teething. These amber necklaces are made from amber beads harvested in the Baltic. Amber is the hardened fossilized resin derived from the juice of conifer trees found on this planet for millions of years.

Working Succinic Acid

Succinic acid is released by an amber teething necklace when it is worn by the baby consistently so that his body can warm it up. The skin of the baby absorbs this acid and it gets into his bloodstream. Then it helps reduce inflammation and pain in the baby’s gums.

These necklaces start working just by wearing them instead of chewing or licking them. In order to ease the itchiness in your baby’s gums, you can also give him a teething toy or something else to chew.

The FDA of the USA has tested the working of succinic acid and found it safe for babies and infants. This acid is also considered safe because it is derived from meat and trees normally used in daily diet.

Ways to Use Amber Necklace

An amber necklace can be used effectively in different ways like:

  • The amber necklace you use should neither be too loose nor too tight on your baby’s neck, according to Baltic Essentials.
  • For the safe release of the necklace from the neck of the baby, you must use a pop clasp
  • The necklace should not be removed from the neck of the baby during the daytime so that it can work continuously
  • Initially, you should try that your baby does not try to take the necklace off by distracting him.
  • You must remove the necklace when your baby is taking a nap or sleeping at night
  • You should not allow your baby to wear this necklace without your supervision, even if it is very safe and strong for him

Which is better polished or raw Amber?

It has been proved through various studies that raw amber is better than polished amber for the health of the baby. When amber is polished then, it may not release succinic acid, which is beneficial for teething babies. Moreover, it may not absorb heat from the body of the baby. On the other hand, the ratio of succinic acid can be highest in the necklace made from raw amber beads. Thus raw amber can be more beneficial for reducing inflammation in the gums of teething babies than polished amber.

When Amber Teething Necklace should be used?

You must use an amber necklace as soon as you observe teething symptoms in your baby. If your baby starts wearing this necklace from the age of 2 months, then it will be more beneficial for him at the time of teething as by that time, he will be habitual to wearing it. At that stage, he will wear it as part of his body and will not try to bite or get rid of it. You can use this necklace on your baby up to the age of three, but if he wears it for a longer time, it is not harmful to him.


Thus amber necklace is very important, especially for teething babies, as it helps reduce inflammation and pain in their gums. For better results, babies should wear it constantly under the supervision of their parents.

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