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All You Should Know About Premade Lash Fans

Premade lash extensions are good for your eyelashes. One, they add volume to your eyelashes. Second, they create attention. Third, they are stylish. However, if you want to optimize the results, it’s better to choose the best-premade lash extension. Plus, applying lash extensions is a delicate process. Thus, you should get the procedure right and select the best-premade lashes. This guide will highlight the tips and tricks for selecting the right pre-made extension fans.

All You Should Know About Premade Lash Fans

Understanding Premade Lash Fans

Premade volume fans, also known as pro-made lashes, represent volume fans for eyelash extension purposes. These fans are delivered to artists and ready to be dipped. They are attached to your natural eyelashes, either classically or permanently. They help add volume to your natural eyelashes.

The Process of Making Premade Fan Lash Extensions

These fans are manufactured and distributed to the suppliers. They are manufactured just like the typical handmade volume lashes. The manufacturers arrange them in a thin PBT thread and put them in a lash-based tray. From here, the threads’ root or base are heart bonded. They can also be connected using an adhesive. After completing the adhesion, the thread is rolled to create the desired curl. To retail these curls, the heat is processed. After making the curls, the desired amount is transferred to the strip to the lash studio.

The Benefits of Premade Lash Fans

The following are the biggest benefits of premade lash fans:

Saves Time

Lash application takes time. Customers are always looking for options that take less time. And that’s what the premade lash fans bring to the table. They are fast to apply.

Fast Customer Turnover

Since it takes less time to apply premade lash fans, there is great customer turnover. This means there is an improved booking daily. As an artist, you can make more profits with premade lash fans.

Easy To Apply

Artists don’t require sophisticated training when it comes to volume lash applications. All they need is basic skills. You don’t need any additional training.

You can watch this YouTube Video to see How to apply and wrap a premade fan to the natural lash.

Premade fans can generate more profits for you. This is because they are easy to apply and don’t take much time.

Choosing the Best Fans

The first thing is to choose the style you want. There are numerous styles you can choose from. Here is a quick highlight of different styles.

2D & 3D Short-Stem

If you want a natural lash based style, then the 2D, 3D based Short-stem fans should be your ideal choice

4D, 5D, 6D Short-Stem

The 4D, 5D, & 6D Short-stem fans are for those who are looking for something fluffy volume. They have wider width-based volume fans.

10D & 20D Short-Stem

Are you so much into dramatic styles? Well, think 10D and 20D Short-stem fans. Ideal for those who are so much into trendy LA mega-based volume lashes, this style is thicker and comes with more glamour.

Other Styles

Here are additional styles to consider:

  • 3D and 5D Long-stem
  • 5D Mixed length

The Bottom-Line

You want to be stylish with your premade extension fans, right? Well, choose the best-premade lash fans. Source your lash fans from the best eyelash extension supplies. Trust experts to undertake the process of applying premade lash fans. Select the right premade extension fans with the above tips and tricks.

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