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Alcohol Alternatives at Christmas

With the holiday season close to being upon us, many people have already started planning what food and drink they wish to have on Christmas day. A lot of people see this as a time to really let their hair down and indulge in a few, or a few too many, alcoholic beverages. For those individuals who do not wish to drink due to childcare obligations, needing to drive, or simply choosing not to drink, it can be good to have some alternative options available. Likewise, those who have previously struggled with their alcoholic intake may also wish to have solutions to help them avoid relapse. Taking your own non-alcoholic beverages can really help when you have to engage at social events.

Refreshing homemade lemonade with raspberries and french mint


Mocktails are precisely what they sound like – all the taste of a cocktail without an alcoholic beverage. These are often fruity and sweet drinks served in rounded glasses known as fishbowls or even tall tumblers. They come in various scents, flavors, and colors, with no alcohol in sight. One of the positive aspects of mocktails is that it can help give the illusion that you are partaking in the same beverages as your party without the risk. Due to the lack of alcohol content, mocktails are also usually cheaper than their alcoholic counterpart, meaning your wallet will feel happier too.

No alcohol for you also means that, at the end of the night, you will be free to drive home safely and legally, while those intoxicated could, in the worst scenario, get a DUI. Try to ensure nobody gets in the driving seat after consuming alcohol – if they do and an accident occurs, they might want to an attorney.


By inviting your friends out to a late-morning meeting at a cafe, as opposed to an evening meal or event, you are less likely to be the only person not consuming alcohol. Going for a coffee with your loved ones can still be an enjoyable occasion that allows for good conversation. You can plan this around your work, family, or other responsibilities. There are also many, as well as other hot drinks, so everyone is sure to find something to suit them.


Even though the weather has gotten colder, that doesn’t mean you can stop consuming so much water. Regardless of the time of year, your body is composed of over 60% water (Web MD), so you need to keep your fluid levels topped up. Keeping a bottle of water with you at all times can be good, no matter the occasion. It is also much healthier than other drinks, with zero calories and sugar. It will also help to keep your body hydrated and your organs in good shape.

Enjoying the Christmas period does not mean that you need to indulge in alcoholic drinks. There are plenty of options and alternatives available. Not drinking does not mean you can’t have or be fun. You are more likely to look back on occasion fondly if your memories aren’t tainted with sickness or hangovers.

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