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Why Air-Conditioning Shouldn’t Be Your Only Tool Against The Heat

Nobody’s enjoying the merciless summer heat, and while we guessed that the heatwaves the two previous months were bad enough, it seems that August will be working up to be quite the fearsome competitor in the heat department as well. And while we’re not the most adamant people when it comes to cranking the AC system to full blast, it does get quite worrying once you realize the electricity bills are racking up month after month.

However, pulling out all the stops through your air-conditioning system isn’t the only way of keeping cool this summer, and we’ve come to believe that not too many people know that there are alternative methods of staying cool without the help of HVAC. And so, today, we’ve made a quick list of lifestyle changes and short fixes you could do right now to help fight the heat and shoulder your end of the bargain when it comes to staying cool this summer.

#1 Let’s Talk Clothes

First on our list is a wardrobe change, and while a swap of clothes may feel like a slight adjustment that will not accumulate to anything in the long run, you’ll be surprised at how much more comfortable you’ll feel when you’re wearing appropriate clothing for hot weather.

Of course, doing this alone won’t make you feel like it’s a winter wonderland in the middle of August, but it does help quite a bit.

  • Breathable Fabric Is A Must: Materials such as denim, polyester, leather, nylon, and any others that fit the description of either being restrictive, tight, or on the heavy side all deserve to take a back seat this summer. And while some may argue that certain attires receive exceptions for fashionable justice, sticking with breathable fabrics like cotton and silk will guarantee you a better time.

Light-Colored And Lightweight: Apart from the material, your color choice and the amount of clothing you put on can equally make or break your day as well during this hot weather. We recommend light-colored choices because these clothes absorb less heat and avoid layering too much as well because that’s just a recipe for disaster waiting to unfold.


Multiple residential air conditioning units in a landscaped area of a home.

#2 Watching Your Water Intake And Diet

Our number two spot goes to water intake and being vigilant with your diet.

Although cool fresh water and treats should be an obvious solution, not too many people are actually putting in enough effort in using them as tools to combat the heat.

In fact, any problems you’re experiencing right now might be easily resolved by simply adding a few more glasses to your daily intake.

  • Hydrate, Hydrate, And Hydrate Some More: It’s only natural to be sweating buckets with just how hot these past days have become, but we want to remind everyone that all this sweat isn’t magically produced, so be sure to hydrate and hydrate some more as needed. Your body needs the extra fluids to replenish what was lost and help regulate your body temperature back down to cooler and more comfortable levels.
  • Cool Treats To Beat The Heat: While eating cold treats every single day isn’t the smartest dietary advice, it doesn’t hurt to have one or two every week for those super hot days. And instead of ordering them to your door, we recommend making them yourself, such as homemade ice cream sandwiches and some refrigerated popsicles.

#3 Humidity Is Just As Important

Last but not least, while we’re all quick to blame the rising temperatures as the only thing we have to worry about, but let’s also not target that humidity is just as important to handle when we’re trying to cool down.

Normally, your air-conditioner is doing all the work by taking out all that humidity and hot air, introducing cooler air to help keep you satisfied, but if it isn’t running, then the duty lies with you.

  • Indoor Plants Are Guilty: If you’re the type of person who loves having indoor plants as decorations, then you might not be happy to learn that they’re guilty of causing the humidity levels to go up due to evapotranspiration. Sure, you could still keep them inside, but try to move them elsewhere other than common areas to keep the humidity down.
  • Purchasing A Dehumidifier: HVAC systems are the heart of our homes when it comes to staying cool. Other small inventions work as excellent heating and air solutions you can use any time, like purchasing a dehumidifier. And apart from keeping humidity levels down, they also help reduce allergens and create a healthier home environment.

Go The Extra Mile In Staying Cool

Overall, we think that everyone should go the extra mile nowadays when it comes to staying cool because having to sweat all the time is just no fun.

So, feel free to share these tips with your friends and family, and bid goodbye to all your summer heat worries.


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