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Add a Splash of Color with a Custom Pillow

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A decorative pillow or two can change how you see things. We have a chocolate brown couch. It was practical. The color hides the dirt and kid traffic, as well as Bailey Mae’s wallering. I know. I know. Brown is boring. I couldn’t agree more. I added a rug to bring some color to the room, but it still felt bland. before

Then sent me two pillows to review, my opinion is my own, and what a difference it made!

One of the most awesome things about is they custom make every piece. Measure a cushion for that bench your making or redo your patio furniture. Maybe you acquired a rocking chair that’s been in your family for generations? can reinvent the look by creating a custom cushion for your favorite piece. The site actually walks you through the steps and you select the fabric of your choice!

I received two 18″ x 18″ pillows from I selected Canvas Glacier because the color is so soothing and my goal is to add this color to every room in my house.

Take a look at the picture above. It is my living room before adding the Canvas Glacier pillows from Now look at the picture below. It is my living room with the Canvas Glacier pillows added. after

I think the pillows pull the room together. They take some of the color from the rug and splash it up on the boring brown couch. This room gets a lot of light and I love how the pillows reflect the light making the room seem even more alive. pillow up close

The quality of the pillow is incredible. The stitching is secure without puckers or skips. There is a piping trip that completes the look. The pillows are stuffed and full. They are comfortable to rest upon, beautiful to look at and luxurious to the touch. pillow on couch

I’m enjoying pillows and looking for something to have a custom cushion made for so I can continue the quality and beauty throughout my home.

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