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How to Add Value When Selling a House

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If you’re planning to sell your house, don’t forget to renovate the outside of the house after doing the inside of it. Curb appeal is important when you want to add value to your property because it will attract buyers it if looks well-maintained.

Use these five tips to improve how the outside of your house looks, so people will stop by and tour the inside of it as well.

how to add value to your house


Start by Looking Up

Most homeowners get used to walking in and out of their homes every day without glancing up at the roof. When you’re putting a house on the market, examine the roof to see if part, if not all, of it, needs replacing. It could add up to $12,000 to the resale value of your house by replacing it.

Replace the Numbers

Step back to look at the façade of the house. Can you see the numbers? Do they look dated or dirty? If the numbers are difficult to see, replace them with something new and more visible.

The house numbers should be easy to see from the street and be reflective to see them at night. When replacing them, try to match the architectural style of the house as well.

Update the Siding

Examine the siding for cracks, holes, and dents due to storm damage or tree branches slapping against it. Also, consider updating the color of the siding as well.

Color palates change every few years, so you should select a modern color to make the house look newer. However, don’t just consider your color tastes, but get recommendations from siding replacement companies to appeal to as many people as possible.

Replace the Front Door

Another way to draw people to the house is to replace an old front door with a new one. You’ll have a choice of materials, including steel, fiberglass, or wood. Steel doors are among the least expensive on the market, but they can rust.

Fiberglass doesn’t rust, and they can take paint and gel stains well, which allows you to choose almost any color you wish to paint or stain it. Solid wood doors are on the high end of the price range, but they have an elegant appearance and take stains and paints well too.

Seal Cracks on Drive and Walkways

Replacing a drive is very expensive if it’s concrete or asphalt, but you can improve how it looks by sealing the cracks it has in it. If the drive contains pavers, replace them, but use sealants for other materials.

Sealing the drive prevents water from getting underneath it when it rains or snow thaws and expanding the cracks because of the freeze-thaw cycle. It can also shift the gravel or sand underlayment, which will eventually lead to replacing it.

Take the time to go around the outside of the house and fix anything that needs repairing. Rehang any sagging gutters, pull weeds from the flowerbeds, and put toys, gnomes, and other personal items away when the house is put up for sale.

By making these repairs and replacing the roof, siding, or the numbers to the house, it will appeal to buyers, which will help it sell faster.

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