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All Aboard! The Christmas Train by Nichole Mara

We received All Aboard! The Christmas Train by Nichole Mara in exchange for this post. All opinions remain our own.

All Aboard! The Christmas Train is a delightful book that follows a non-narrative excursion aboard the Yuletide train. This board book is unique in that it actually extends into a train over four-feet long as the story, literally, unfolds!

All Aboard the Christmas Train

Nichole Mara is known for her book series All Aboard! Her unique style of the book makes her books engaging as the exterior of each page lifts up to reveal the happenings within each of the five cars of holiday fun and snowy scenery!

Details are exquisite with die-cut windows, bright colors and holiday decor. Readers will discover holiday decor, elves, toys, pies, penguins and even Santa Claus.

The Christmas Train has a gingerbread engineer to guide the train. There’s a mystery to solve as Santa is searching for his missing boot, leading him through every car on the Christmas Train in search of it.

The book posts questions and activities to accompany each scene such as “Can you find two snowflakes that match?” or “Can you find a toy that zooms? One that Spins?”

As you pull out the page, you lift the flaps to discover who is riding in each car.

The reverse side of the extended pages reveals the snow-covered countryside that the chugging train passes. There are skiiers to count, snowman to seek and hills and houses.

It’s an incredible book with an interactive appeal.

The illustrations by Andrew Kolb are cartoonish and charming. They are packed with detail and seem to create a world of wonderland for the reader boarding the train.

Gone are my days of lap-reading to my toddlers, but this book elevates the reading experience. It brings the magic of reading into the hands of a child as the pages extend and the Christmas Train comes to life. It’s more of a book for on the floor discovery, but sometimes variety inspires.

In this case, I think All Aboard! The Christmas Train delivers more than a story, but an interactive platform to play hide and seek, solve a mystery and explore the train.

Sure. It’s a Christmas theme, but it’s sure to be a favorite all year long for any train-loving child.

All Aboard! The Christmas Train is best for children 2-6, though meant to be enjoyed by all.

🎄 All Aboard! The Christmas Train by Nichole Mara 🚂

Experience the magic of the holiday season like never before with “All Aboard! The Christmas Train” by Nichole Mara! Get ready to embark on a heartwarming adventure filled with joy, wonder, and the true spirit of Christmas.

🌟 Step into a world of enchantment: As you open the pages of this delightful children’s book, you’ll be transported to a snowy wonderland where anything is possible. Join our young protagonist on a whimsical journey aboard the Christmas Train, where dreams come true and miracles happen.

❄️ Capture the holiday spirit: Feel the warmth of holiday cheer radiate from the pages as you witness the train’s magical transformation into a dazzling spectacle of twinkling lights and festive decorations. The breathtaking illustrations will immerse you in the beauty and enchantment of the season, evoking a sense of wonder and excitement.

🎁 Discover the power of giving: “All Aboard! The Christmas Train” beautifully captures the essence of the holiday season. Through the touching story, children will learn the importance of kindness, generosity, and the joy of giving to others. It’s a heartwarming tale that will leave a lasting impression on young readers and remind them of the true meaning of Christmas.

📚 A timeless holiday classic: Written by Nichole Mara, an acclaimed author known for her captivating storytelling, “All Aboard! The Christmas Train” is destined to become a cherished part of your family’s holiday traditions. It’s a timeless tale that can be enjoyed year after year, bringing families closer together and creating treasured memories.

👪 Perfect for the whole family: This enchanting picture book is suitable for children of all ages and is the ideal gift for families to enjoy together during the holiday season. Whether it’s a cozy bedtime story or a delightful read-aloud during family gatherings, “All Aboard! The Christmas Train” is sure to captivate children and adults alike, creating a sense of joy and togetherness.

🎅 Make this Christmas unforgettable: Ignite the holiday spirit in your home and experience the wonder of “All Aboard! The Christmas Train” by Nichole Mara. Order your copy today and embark on a magical journey that will warm your heart, inspire your imagination, and remind you of the true magic of Christmas.

🌟 All Aboard! The Christmas Train by Nichole Mara – Where dreams come true, miracles happen, and the spirit of Christmas shines brighter than ever! 🌟

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