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A Favorite Photo-Charlotte the Great

Cherishing the Moments a Photo Captures

As you know, my grandmother, Charlotte, is among those I include in my list of “Favorite People”. In fact, it’s safe to say, she’s right up there near the top!

Since her sister died, we’ve been remembering moments that faded into the past.

Good time.

Sad times.

Better times.

In our conversations, we rummaged through photos and I found one of my favorite photos.

I found this picture of, as my children call her, “Charlotte the Great”.

It dates WAY back (that’s my mom on the right, holding her sisters. The one on her lap passed away 2-years ago.)

charlotte the great with daughters teresa, leesa and sheila

Just from the picture, you can tell Charlotte the Great was an eye-catching woman.

Even though this is a black and white photo, you can bet her lips were “painted red”.

Thankfully, that tube of lipstick has faded into more subtle, natural colors!

I didn’t know Charlotte the Great at the time this picture was taken.

I wouldn’t come along until she was 42.

Many memories of my childhood center around my grandmother and me.

We would sit on her orange devan and eat lemon wedges with salt while her poodle, Tangie, sprawled out behind us.

She babysat me and I’d watch her iron Grandpa Jack’s jeans until they virtually stood on their own.

She was my pen-pal when I moved to Florida, as a nanny and married.

Years later I would buy a house, across the street and two doors up from her.

Good times!

Now, I am fortunate that this person I treasure, is a big part of my children’s lives.

They love her. They look forward to seeing her. (me too!)

You might remember my post about her story of “Pretty Boy Floyd“–he’s my fourth cousin!

It’s a photo essay that includes one of my more recent favorite pictures of Charlotte the Great!

charlotte with grandchildren


Doesn’t this picture just make you giggle?

Charlotte the Great has changed a lot.

I think she just keeps getting better.

I want to thank Fishful Thinking for the Favorite Photo Activity that gave Charlotte the Great and I hope..for better times ahead, moments to remember in the present, and a glimpse into our past.

Go ahead.

Dig out your favorite photo and try the activity with your family.

It’s well worth the warmth it brings to your soul!


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