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9 Proven Tips to Baby-Proof Your Home

The tips to baby-proof your home will help create a safe space for baby and give you peace of mind.

Babies, especially toddlers aged one to four, are unchallengeable and irresistible warriors. You can never stop them because they need to be what they are. On the other hand, these unstoppable activities of your kids may be potentially risky or often embarrassing and life risky. This is why contemporary builders like Hickory Group and numerous other service providers focus on baby-proof systems and promote baby-proof mechanisms.

Eventually, you must never ignore baby-proofing your home, especially if you have a baby or expecting a baby soon. Almost everyone enjoys baby fall and the sweet crying of babies, but they can be potentially disastrous too. As per a CDC report, more than 12000 children from 0 to 19 years die because of injuries at home and away in the US, and around 9.2 million are admitted and treated for fatal injuries in emergency departments. The report further reveals that most baby-related injuries are falls, burns, drowning, poisoning, and road traffic.

Therefore, looking for new ideas from baby-proofing professionals like Hickory Group and baby-proofing your home is essential and inevitable for protecting your babies. Here are nine proven tips for baby-proofing your home.

baby proofing locks on cabinet knobs. Baby learning to walk.


1. Baby-proof Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most attractive rooms for your baby and the most dangerous place for a baby to fall and get injured.

Therefore, ensure the toilet locks and the toilet lids are closed. Most children fall into the toilet and get injured, often with fatal injuries. 

2. Ensure Safety Gates in the Doorways and Stairs

The second major risky places for children in the house are the bottom and top of the stairs and doorways of your rooms.

Use safety gates at these places and ensure not to use expanding pressure bars gates at the top of the stairs.

3. Secure Your medicines and Poisonous Materials

Children coming across poisonous household products is one of the most hazardous and frequently happening injuries worldwide.

These injuries are so fatal that most children either die or struggle for a long time to overcome the injuries.

Therefore, you need to install safety latches on drawers and cabinets so that the children do not access the poisonous materials.

 4. Avoid keeping Furniture at High Windows

Never keep furniture at high windows where children can climb and cause disaster.

You may have screens on the windows, but they cannot protect children from falling.

Mother with her baby

5. Protect Your Children from Hot Water Burn

Children cannot sustain a third-degree burn for more than 3 seconds from 140-degree water.

Therefore, ensure anti-scalding devices on showerheads and faucets to protect your child from burn accidents.

6. Be Extremely Careful of Your Electric Rollers and Hairdryers

Children are curious enough to explore your hair dryers, electric rollers, etc.

Accidents are certain if they come into contact with these hazardous machines.

Therefore, unplug your hairdryers and electric rollers and store them out of the reach of your children.

7. Update Your Unused Outlet with GFCIs

Unused and open electrical outlets are potential dangers for children for their curious nature.

Often children tend to put their fingers into the outlets, and you know what will happen if the switches are on.

Cover unused outlets and use devices to tighten the plugs for outlets in use.

Similarly, update the outlets in bathrooms and kitchen with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) to ensure power cut when something sensitive falls into the water.

toddler playing with extension cord and outlet

8. Follow Your Baby

You may feel silly to crawl around on all fours after your baby, but it works wonders.

By crawling after your baby, you will see what your baby sees and spot potential risky and forgotten materials like blind cords, etc., that may be hazardous for your baby. 

9. Discover the Choking Hazards

Search for small objects on the ground such as button batteries, magnets, etc.

Not easily noticed, but your baby can find them and cause choking hazards. Look for these little things in every possible place.


Your baby is precious, innocent, naughty, and notorious for playing with the fire that is life risky.

Therefore, take care to protect your baby from all odds.

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