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8 Amazing Ideas for a Unique and Unforgettable Hens Party

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A hens /bachelorette party is a girls-only party meant to give the bride a memorable send-off before tying the knot with the love of her life.

The bride is supposed to enjoy the last day of her life as a single lady.

While the hen’s party is fun, planning is a daunting and overwhelming task.

That is why you need my ultimate hens Melbourne to help you plan a memorable Hens party for your bride.

Below are 8 amazing Ideas you can use to plan a unique and unforgettable hens party.

Hen party in limousine, girls looking at her friends engagement ring.

Choose a good theme

When you are planning a hens party, you need to have a good theme for the night and have a dress code/costume to go with it.

The theme should be most definitely something that the bride is passionate about and cannot do it on the wedding day.

There are so many themes you can choose from, all you need is to be creative enough to ensure that the girls will have a blast.

For instance, you can choose a grannies theme.

This one is great for a good laugh.

Think of grey wigs, walking sticks, big spectacles, nighttimes, and slippers.

All these would be great for a hilarious grannies night.

hens party with bride in captain hat themed costume

Have a guest list

Whom do you invite for the hen’s party?

The first person you should consult about the guests is the bride.

She should create a list of people she would not want to miss her party.

This will help avoid any unpleasant situations on the day of the party.

Have a budget

You will need money to make the hen’s party a success.

Make sure that the budget that you set for the girls is realistic.

Creating a balance between making the bride happy and the budget is a difficult task as this will affect the guest list and venue decisions.

Whatever the case do not accept late payments as this will result in unnecessary resentment.

Also do not leave for the bride to collect the money, this is the chief’s bridesmaid job.

hens party with women in white, drinking wine and cocktails outdoors

Involve the guests in Your Plans

Although this may result in arguments, you need to involve the other guests in the planning.

Avoid asking questions like ‘what are we doing?’ as this will lead to so many conflicting ideas and you may never settle for anything in the end.

However, you can inform them of your plans and see if there is anything to add to it.

You cannot please everyone so go for what the bride wants.

Plan Your activities

Most brides want a good party with some booze for their hens’ party.

But you should consult with the bride just in case they want things done differently.

Ideally, the activities should go with the theme you set.

Make sure you have a program for all the activities the bride wants.

You can also include some fun games in your plans.

Popular activities include comedy clubs, strip shows, drag cabaret, and nightclubbing.

Adonis cabaret places all these activities in one venue.

This can make it easy for you to accommodate everyone at the party.

You should also include day time activities such as spa, afternoon tea, or beauty treatment to impress the bride.

hens party with women in matching blush pink robes drinking wine and waiting for pedicure to dry

Plan the Venue and Location

Where will the party be held?

A hen night is a good time for the girls to bond that is why the venue is very important.

Make sure that you do your venue research well to come up with a suitable venue.

If you are traveling abroad for the party, make sure you communicate the venue on time to give the girls time to prepare their documents.

Plan the Menu

What will the girls eat and drink?

Will there be alcohol?

If so, then you know that people should eat regularly.

If there are any pregnant or breastfeeding women on the guest list, plan for what they will drink too.

Make sure that there is something to drink for everyone.

If the bride is a classy and elegant type, you can go for cocktails and canapes.

And if the bride is the down to earth type, you can go for beer and cakes.

Keep the Memories Alive

A hens party gives you the best opportunity to have memorable moments with the girls.

Make sure you capture these moments for you to remember.

For instance, you can create a photo book to keep the memories of the day alive for you and your girlfriends.


A hens party is the day for the bride and her girlfriends to have as much fun as they can.

It is also the day to make the bride feel special before her wedding.

This is a day she will live to remember.

So Make sure that she will love to remember it.

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