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Christmas Paper Play by Lydia Crook Play, Make, Decorate!

Christmas Paper Play by Lydia Crook 

Celebrate the magic of Christmas with “Christmas Paper Play” – a delightful, creative, and heartwarming activity book for the entire family!

Unleash your imagination and embrace the holiday spirit as you embark on a journey of crafting wonder. Dive into a world of origami, papercraft, and festive paper projects that will enchant both kids and adults alike. Let the joy of the season fill your home with laughter and cherished memories.

What’s inside?

A treasure trove of step-by-step tutorials: Learn to fold enchanting origami ornaments, charming snowflakes, and adorable paper reindeer.

Engaging crafts for all skill levels: Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting, “Christmas Paper Play” offers something for everyone.

A perfect bonding experience: Spend quality time with loved ones, creating unique decorations and heartfelt gifts.

Beautifully designed templates: Each project comes with easy-to-follow templates, ensuring your creations turn out wonderfully every time.

Discover the joy of crafting and ignite your family’s creativity this Christmas season with “Christmas Paper Play” by Lydia Crook.

Spread the cheer with “Christmas Paper Play” – because the best gifts are the ones made with love and care. 

Order your copy today at your nearest bookstore. Make this Christmas a crafting extravaganza with Lydia Crook’s “Christmas Paper Play.” Happy crafting and Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas Paper Play by Lydia Crook Review

As I write this, the sun is out. The sky is blue. The windows are open. It’s hard to believe Christmas is 57 days from today.

We received an amazing paper-making activity book from Lydia Crook; she’s sort of a legend in the crafting world.

christmas paper play

The kiddos and I sat on the couch flipping the pages getting into the yuletide spirit. This book is jam-packed with fun.

So? I told you Crook is a legend. She’s a paper-folding legend. She is also a master of creating and producing easy-to-make papercrafts. This is all where her new book Christmas Paper Play comes in.

A gold star near the bottom of the cover says it all: “Play, Make, Decorate!”

Really, at our house, we don’t need an excuse to break out the paper, glitter glue and crayon, or even to create.


Crook guides you through illustrations through the making process. For me it’s difficult to destroy a book, so we opt to trace the designs on cardstock. I know, I need to let loose!

MacKenzie pointed out this book is a game changer, “We have plenty to do after we make our paper chains!”

I love that Christmas Paper Play doesn’t require an arsenal of art supplies. You can start with one piece of paper and have fun!

Learn more about Lydia Crook and her incredible creativity through her etsy shop.

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