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7 Tips to Keep Your Septic Tank Smoothly Functioning

The septic tank system is one of the crucial and functional elements of a residential property. Even though most homes have a septic system, homeowners may not know where the tank is. The problem starts when owners leave the tank unregulated, ultimately leading to a functioning breakdown. We have seven tips to keep your septic tank smoothly functioning.

Quality care and maintenance are compulsory. The repair works can be quite costly at a time. If the problem gets to the point where replacement of the entire septic tank is the only option, you may have to shell out a considerable amount.

CivilMart has come up with important tips for smoothly functioning your septic tank to save you from future complexities. But before that, here is something you need to apprehend,

Emptying household septic tank. Cleaning and unblocking clogged drain.

How Does the Septic System Work?

A septic system has two parts, a tank and a drain field. While the former receives water from the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room, the drain field pushes out the impurities. Over time, wastewater and solid elements of sludge layer up inside the tank.

Bacteria eat out these layers of scum and sludge. But, at some point, bacteria can no longer keep up with the inbound volumes of wastewater into the tank. In this case, the tank fills up or gets overloaded. Therefore, here experts from CivilMart recommend seeking help else; this may cause backflow.

Pump out the septic tank in an interval of three to five years to prevent sludge and scum from rising. Also, follow the steps mentioned below if you want to keep your septic tank in its best condition.

Run Regular Inspection

Your septic tank is an essential part of your house. It needs to be inspected periodically by expert to understand that problems may not suddenly arise. The development of even a minor issue could cause severe malfunctions and damages.

Also, these inspections will determine when a septic tank needs to be pumped out and what works need to be done.

Reduce Water Consumption

When you use more water, the water will flow to your septic tank, filling it. Most homeowners make the mistake of spilling water. At CivilMart, we have observed that over 80% of homeowners face the consequence of septic tank malfunction due to heavy water flow. Therefore, we recommend minimal use for long-term sustainability.

Grass for Drain Field

It is better if the drain field is thickly covered with a layer of vegetation. Grasses are the best solution as shrubs and trees have roots that grow deeper. So those with a garden should ensure that grasses only cover the drain field. Meanwhile, it also absorbs wastewater.

Prevention of Flooding of the Drain

When flooded, a septic tank makes it challenging to drain wastewater. If there are any fixtures like sump pumps or roof drains, make sure you correct them. One of the major problems behind clogged drains is due to such fixtures. CivilMart recommends diverting water from the septic tank’s drain as a significant step.

Efficient Lint Filter

A Lint filter is essential as it protects your septic tank and drain field from premature wear, tears, or damage. Washing machines come with lint filters; this keeps lint from draining out of the machine and laundry water into the septic tank. Meanwhile, laundry lint prevents liquid wastewater from getting absorbed by the drain field.

Tanks Location

As mentioned previously, a lot of homeowners aren’t aware of their septic tank. You should know where your tank is exactly located. You must take care of your drain field and avoid any landscaping work in the area above the septic tank. If you’re not sure, you may always seek assistance from CivilMart.

Keep Maintenance Track Record

Maintenance needs to be run carefully, and you should also ensure that you track all the past maintenance works.

CivilMart recommends segmenting maintenance procedures into

  • Repair works
  • Inspections
  • Pumping sludges

Having straightforward track records enables an accurate maintenance schedule.

Meanwhile, this will never over-schedule work or overlook tasks in the future.

Final Wrap

If your property requires maintenance of septic tanks for smooth functioning, you can always seek assistance from CivilMart.

They specialize in providing the highest quality work and fixing issues of all types on your septic tank.  

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