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7 Reasons Why Dog Dental Care Is Important

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Most people genuinely want their dogs to live a long and happy life. However, many of these same people forget that dental care is an important part of their dog’s overall health. Just like you brush your teeth every day to keep them from decaying, your dog’s teeth require the same amount of care. You need to regularly brush your dog’s teeth to help prevent multiple health problems, including gum disease and tooth loss or decay.

If you do not have much knowledge or experience with your dog’s dental care, then contact a dog dental care professional to get started. You can also read the following reasons why dog dental care is so important.

A purebred golden retriever dog is showing the importance of animal dental health. In this frame the dog is holding a toothbrush in his mouth.

1. Helps Prevent Tooth Loss

Over time, the gums holding your dog’s teeth could become infected and damaged if you are not taking care of their dental health. In severe cases, dogs can end up losing their teeth. This painful situation can be avoided by taking responsibility for your dog’s dental health and consulting with a professional.

2. To Avoid Bad Breath

Bad breath is generally a sign of bacteria building up. Not only is it unbearable, but it is also worrisome for dog owners. Regular brushing can make sure your dog does not develop bad breath.

3. Evade Periodontal Disease

Plaque when left untreated can harden and turn into tartar which is nearly impossible to remove. Tartar can cause both periodontal disease and gingivitis, so making your dog’s dental health a priority is a must. You cannot go years and years without having your dog’s teeth checked by a professional pet dentist.

4. To Prevent Pain

Both periodontal disease and gingivitis can cause your dog to experience severe pain. Being a caring dog owner, you would never want to see your dog suffering from a toothache, so you better start prioritizing their oral health.

5. To Prevent Organ Damage

If you are not careful, then plaque-causing bacteria can enter your dog’s bloodstream and affect its kidney, liver and heart. This condition is called bacteremia and can result in some serious damage to your dog’s vital organs. Updating your dog’s dental health is essential if you want him or her to live a long and happy life.

6. Avoid  Paying Large Vet Bills

Professional vets and groomers know the underlying issues your dog could face and can prevent them from becoming problems in the first place. This can save you a lot of money and help you avoid paying large vet bills.

7. To Save Your Dog From Suffering

Dogs are good at hiding their pain in the initial stages. You could be unaware of your dog’s suffering until the disease has fully developed. Taking care of your dog’s dental health by scheduling regular dental checkups can save you the stress of seeing your dog in pain.

Taking care of your dog’s oral health is one of the best things you can do to keep him or her healthy. Read the above-mentioned advice and save your pet from suffering.

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