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6 Useful Tips To Consider Before Building A Deck

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There are many benefits to building a deck. It’s relatively inexpensive, and while it may seem like a lot of work, there are many options for materials. A deck can be the perfect place to relax or entertain. Not only does building a deck maximize your outdoor space;  it also adds beauty and value. To know if building a deck is the right choice, consider these useful tips.

building a deck

6 Useful Tips To Consider Before Building A Deck

  1. Location

The location of your deck is one of the principal considerations to think about. If you have a small property and space is limited. The choices are limited as to where the deck must be built. But if you have a large outside area and garden, careful planning is a pre-requisite. A deck which is facing South West or South East can be beneficial for catching the midday sun. If you live in a rustic area, you may want to consider the natural view.

  1. Design And Size

The design and size will be concluded by the location of your deck and your budget. Also, think about how you’ll be utilizing the deck as this will influence the size you’ll need. Things like the size of your patio furniture and the number of people who will be utilizing the deck plus extra fixtures like a BBQ or hot tub must be accommodated. A deck must be built at an equal level (or close to) the bottom of the access door. The profile of the deck may be controlled by the style of your home since you want the deck to be a natural extension to your house.

  1. Materials

Durability, maintenance, and affordability are the chief considerations when you’re choosing decking materials.

  • Softwood (i.e., pine, cedar, fir, and spruce) are generally well-liked choices since they are more affordable. This decking material is a renewable source and will require annual maintenance to keep it in top condition.
  • Hardwood (i.e., ash, oak, balau, mahogany) are naturally durable and harder wearing than softwood. They are, however, a more expensive wood choice for decking construction in Sunshine Coast and require maintenance every four to five years to avoid rotting.
  • Composites are a blend of plastic resin and wood fiber boards, and feature raised grain patterns which replicate wood. The boards are long-lasting and require no annual painting and are low maintenance. They are more expensive and are not as strong as wood.
  1. Nails And Screws

Sub-standard nails and screws will corrode with time, cause discoloring of your deck and shorten the life expectancy of your deck. In many cases, decking fails are contributed to the use of low-quality fixings. Instead, opt for coated or stainless-steel decking screws that are made to withstand corrosion.

  1. Railing And Privacy

Platform decks are more comfortable to build, but if they are built a few feet off the ground, you may need to install railings for safety. You can opt for pre-built railings that are easy and quick to install. You may also consider installing privacy screening to ensure privacy and blocking the view from vantage points.

  1. Hiring A Professional

Be realistic about your DIY skills before you plan on building a deck yourself. Decking is a significant project to take on and a considerable investment. It’s best to leave a project like this to a professional that has the acquired tools, dexterities, and expertise to do the job efficiently. This is your best option if you want to save yourself a lot of hassle and money in the long run.

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