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6 Reasons Why Your Family Needs to Try Rock Climbing

Climbing isn’t just a sport or something that adrenaline junkies do, it’s a lifestyle. With that lifestyle comes a broad spectrum of people that all come together with a common goal, work out the problem in front of them. A sport for all ages, climbing is something that should be enjoyed as a group whether that be your friends, family, or climbing club. There are thousands of indoor walls all over the place and even more outdoor crags and mountains to scale.

If you’re thinking of taking climbing up as a sport, then this article will lend a helping hand, explaining the reasons as to why you and your family need to take up rock climbing.

child rocking climbing while dad stands by to assist

Anyone Can Do It

There are many sports that appear to be pretty daunting because of the skill required to take part in them.

You might find your children are scared to try something new if it looks as though it can be challenging.

When it comes to climbing it doesn’t matter your age, how tall you are, or how strong you are, your body will find a way to adapt and attempt the climb (HuffPost).

If you find yourself struggling at a climbing wall, there will no doubt be someone there that will lend a helping hand.

It’s An Amazing Workout

In order to stay healthy, we all know that a moderate amount of exercise every day is needed.

Things like running are amazing for the mind and body, but it takes an awful lot of mental preparation to get yourself out the door with your running shoes on.

Not only this, but it isn’t something that your kids are likely to want to join you with.

According to Ezine, however, if you’re going climbing then it’s a full-body workout that wears the whole family out, whilst being fun at the same time.

Climbing will work every muscle in your body, and more often than not people discover muscles they never thought they had.

It’s Affordable

Before any climbing enthusiast turns around and moans that it isn’t I want to state that to start off with, climbing is affordable.

There are so many options to get yourself going, shoes and a chalk bag will cost you under $100, and climbing at a local wall will set you back around $10 each time you visit.

You can, of course, climb outdoors, but that will include buying some more equipment which is where things start to get a little more expensive.

Always go with someone that is experienced with outdoor climbing, especially if you are with your children, as climbing at heights is incredibly dangerous if you aren’t safely secured on your rope.

If you’re looking at climbing some larger-scale rock faces and want to understand more about the equipment needed, then having a good knowledge base about climbing gear is important to understand how it all works.

This will make you safer when you are climbing and when you are getting your kids strapped up in their harnesses.

It’s Social

There’s something about climbers that you won’t find in any other sportspeople.

They’re relaxed, calm, helpful, kind, and caring, and want everyone around them to have a great time.

You’ll never see climbers shouting at each other (unless it’s for support) and there’s an enormous community vibe around them.

Everyone would benefit from seeing a climber’s way of life, including you and your family.

It’s Lots Of Fun

Beyond most other reasons you should get to your nearest climbing wall because it’s enormous fun.

You can spend hours at a wall working out all the bouldering problems and high rope climbs, and your kids will keep going until their hands hurt or they are too tired to continue.

Which, by the way, is a bonus at bedtime!

Enjoy your time with your kids where you are all climbing the walls, not just the parents.

child rocking climbing while dad stands by to assist


Learn Essential Skills

What people don’t realize about climbing is that it isn’t just a brute-strength sport, it’s something that requires brainpower and the ability to problem-solve.

When you look at a route you can liken it to a puzzle, it’s something you have to solve to make it to the top.

You might get what’s called a beta from another climber, but that might not necessarily work for you.

Use your skills to understand and create a way of reaching the top of the climb.

You’ll go home mentally tired as well as physically tired when you climb harder!

Climbing is a sport like no other.

It has an incredible social scene and not only is it fun, but it’s also great for your mental and physical health.

It’s even been accepted as a sport to be a part of the next Olympics, so you and your family can watch it on the television and discover your favorite climbers.

You should definitely try it as a sport, even if it is only once.  

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