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6 Natural Treats with Awesome Benefits for Your Dog’s Teeth

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Dog parents know the pain of having to deal with a puppy’s seemingly permanent morning breath and their undying desire to chew on something during playtime. Though these pups really need something to chew on, it breaks your heart to see the furniture scratched and some toys in pieces. You really can’t help but raise your voice and point a finger at the poor pup who can’t control themselves.

Dogs chew because of their teeth—they do this to keep it healthy and strong, and of course, it’s out of boredom too. A typical domesticated dog has identical habits and traits to those of its wilder counterpart, and one of them is their set of teeth. Their teeth are designed to bite through tough protein and process it for overall health. It’s an instinct, not a habit, that needs to be curbed, so biting actually helps them develop.

While there are nice toys they can sink their teeth in, some are actually quite dangerous if you’re not observant enough. Dogs can get seriously sick if they accidentally swallow parts of their toys, and this can end up fatal. You can choose healthier and more productive options that can satisfy their cravings to chew and improve their dental health.

treats for Dog Teeth

Here are a couple of natural treats you can give to your puppy:

  • Raw Bones. The uncooked raw bones are actually good for your puppy! Unlike the cooked and dried bones, which can shatter and might actually wound your dog, fresh raw bones are sturdy and filled with enzymes and probiotics. Bones are also a good source of calcium and can help maintain an optimal balance of bacterial flora. If you’re worried about your dog chewing on raw bones, you can go for safer products.
  • Frozen Berries. These are actually healthy for your dogs too, and they can improve your pup’s dental health. Berries, like cranberries, raspberries, and blueberries, are a good source of nondialyzable material. It discourages the growth of dangerous bacteria and can impede acid formation thus minimizing tooth decay. Slowly introduce it to them by giving one or two.
  • Crunchy Veggies. Carrots, which are low in calories and rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene; a small amount of cucumbers, a great source of potassium; and celery, packed with fiber, folate riboflavin, and vitamins A, C, and K, are good for you and your dog. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, help keep your dog’s teeth clean, and keep their desire to bite at bay.
  • Parsley Cubes. Parsley is a well-known herb, but it’s also packed with antimicrobial properties and full of nutrients your fur baby needs to have daily. Boiling parsley for fifteen to twenty minutes and freezing it into cubes will satisfy your dog’s craving for chewing. It can also help cool them during a hot day.
  • Green Tea Cubes. Rich in antioxidants and can help ease inflammation, green tea is a great treat for teething puppies. Since it also neutralizes free radicals, green tea cubes are a refreshing treat during hot days for puppies. Go for decaffeinated tea bags and boil them for three to five minutes, then freeze them into small cubes.
  • Sweet Potatoes. Who doesn’t love a healthy snack? Sweet potatoes are filled with vitamins and fiber that can help your pup stay healthy and entertained. You can either boil them or bake them at 250 degrees to get that chewy texture and retain the good minerals there.
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