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6 Changes to Make in Your Child’s Room That Will Allow You to Store Extra Items

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It can be difficult to find cute storage solutions that can be used in your kid’s room. While it may seem nearly impossible to be able to store everything smartly and fashionably, it can be done. Below, we will go over some changes that you can make to your child’s room to aid with additional storage.

6 changes to make in your childs room

  1. Use a Crib Skirt

If you need to place items underneath your child’s bed, don’t be afraid to do so. In fact, you can keep items under the bed and hide them strategically with a crib skirt or bed skirt. A skirt for the bed will aid in extra storage options without detracting from the look of your child’s room or décor.

  1. Shelving

You should not be afraid to add shelving to your child’s room. These shelves can serve more of a purpose than just to look nice. In fact, you can place decorative items on these shelves or even items that you do not want your child to touch such as a piggy bank or precious milestone gifts that your child has received over the years.

  1. Trundle Bed

If your child is ready to transition out of a crib and move into a toddler bed, now is the time to think about storage because you do have some options. A trundle bed will provide your child with a soft place to sleep while allowing you to store items underneath it as well. Trundle beds often have a drawer or two that pull out and you can store blankets and linens for your child’s bed.

  1. Window Seats

Window seats are a great option for any child’s bedroom because it provides additional storage and allows your child to sit somewhere other than the bed. Most window seats come with extra storage space under them where you can place bins with toys in them.

  1. Lockers

Lockers have been used as decorative pieces in rooms all over the country. Lockers are not just for schools anymore and have become commonplace in many homes, especially those of teenagers. If you are looking for a place for your child to store some of their belongings, lockers are a great idea and fit in with any décor scheme, especially since you can restore and paint them.

  1. Bed and Computer Station

If your child is too old for bunk beds or does not have a sibling to share the other bed with, you should consider a bunk bed that has a computer station attached at the bottom instead of a bed. These stations help to save space and allow your child to sleep above and complete their schoolwork below.

These bed and computer station combos are great for any teenager or student who needs to do a lot of their homework on the computer or at a desk.

Try These Storage Hacks to Improve Your Child’s Room

If you are short on space in your child’s room, you can try any of the above six hacks to add space and create more storage room. Each of these ideas is easy to implement and can be done within a weekend.

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