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That Time I Had to Negotiate Cleaning with My Husband

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This review has taken some serious skills. I’m talking skills beyond your ordinary cleaning. I’ve had to pull out my mad negotiating skills. I’ve spent time writing back and forth with the company. I’m going to tell you that you need Genesis 950 cleaner. Because you do.

Seriously. You REALLY do and here’s the story of how I know.

Here’s how it all went down.

About the time we ran out of the name brand carpet cleaner that works with our home carpet cleaner, I received a bottle of Genesis 950. I had read through the site, and the Amazon Reviews and everything said we could use it in our carpet cleaner.

genesis 950

I told my husband this, and he said, “Are you sure?”

Me: “yes.”

Husband: “We aren’t doing it until you check and double check.”

Typically, my husband isn’t like this, EXCEPT he burned up  destroyed our last carpet cleaner in spite of me telling him, “DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN HERE EXCEPT WATER and THIS cleaner.”

He assured me he understood.

I stepped away (Okay. I left the house)

He decided he knew more than I did and KABOOM! His essential oil concoction burned the motor–actually caused it to leak oil onto our carpets!

So? I checked and double-checked. I wrote to Genesis 950.

We received the Genesis 950 and I spent yesterday trying to convince my husband to try in in the hoover carpet cleaner.

He’s afraid it will ruin the machine!

 Will it?

It didn’t take long for them to write me back:

LOL. OMG no! It is perfect in those machines. In fact, it will actually clean the inside of the machine as you use it.

 Here’s what he is afraid of:

Most machines put on a warning to only use their products with their machines. So, it raises a valid concern, because the last thing you want to do is destroy a machine that’s a couple hundred dollars. The reason they put this warning on is because a soap based cleaner can damage the motor of the machine because of the suds produced. Genesis 950 is NOT soap based, therefore it does not put that strain on the machine’s engine.

 So, YES, you can absolutely use this in the machine. In fact, that is what we suggest for people – especially when it comes to pet stains as those stains leak into the padding. Hand cleaning will not remove those stains, and a machine is in fact needed to flush the stains out of the padding.

 That was a great question, an one we get a lot J


Little did Mike know, it wasn’t going to be that easy.

I forwarded the email to my husband. Told him to PLEASE clean the carpets before I came home from work. It didn’t happen. My husband still was not convinced.

I wrote back to Mike:

OMG! I’m going to keep negotiating until I wear him down! :)

I love that you took the time to give me an answer that was simple to understand and so thorough!

 Stay tuned.

A few days later, Mike wrote to ask me how the negotiations were coming along.

Hi Julee . . .

 The suspense is killing me!

 How did it go?

At this point, Mike’s humor was keeping me afloat.

I begged my husband, who used the stall tactic, “Do I have to dilute it?”

We’re getting there.

We just put it in our machine’s “soap” designated container; right?

 I know. I am embarrassed myself.

Before we continue, perhaps I should tell you that we rent a tiny place that I don’t think had been cleaned in YEARS before we moved in. It was supposed to be a temporary pit stop for my family, but here we are 18-months later. I showed you the grout in the tiles where we live–now just imagine the carpet.

We also own two dogs and every. Time. We. Walk. Through. The. Door. my husband says, “I smell Pee!”

Insanity is a coming, People! It’s coming fast!

But I had Mike on my side.

Hi Julee,

 I haven’t heard anything from you in a while. I wanted to check in and see how your cleaning adventures have gone  

Hopefully everything is going alright!

 So? I’m pretty sure at this point Mike thinks I lost the negotiations but put up a fight, and he may need to call a search party. Maybe he has already contacted Masterson Law on my behalf for a free initial consultation to finding a litigation plan that works within the budget.

The truth was, I had convinced my husband to use the Genesis 950 in our machine. We have a dual chamber (one for soap. One for water). Actually, I should back up. I waited until my husband left and then I used the Genesis 950 in the machine.

And you know what? When he came back and walked into the house, it was the first time the man did not holler, “I smell pee!”


He complimented the carpet.

It made him brave.

A few days later he used the machine and called me at work to tell me he was getting all kinds of soap out of the carpet. I asked if he had switched the tank to “rinse” and he said that he had and I needed to write the “soap guy.” By now you know him as Mike, and so I wrote him:

Be certain we are reviewing the heck out this product. My husband thinks its putting a ton of soap in the carpet…so I’m working on getting all the soap out in “rinse” so we can see for sure.

Meanwhile, I read this on Amazon and I’m wondering if we are suppose to be diluting this stuff?! (We have the dual tank and just poured it in the “soap” dispenser side)–oh, my gosh! If we are suppose to be diluting this, we’ll be testing it on blood because I’m certain my husband will kill me! LOL!

 And my next question is, can I use it to pretreat laundry? I have filthy kiddos!

 I took the carpet cleaner to work and cleaned the rug under my desk that the supervisor had brought in. Miss M went with me and said the water looked black and where did all the dirt keep coming from?! I had to wonder myself. The next morning when I went to work my jaw fell open because a rug I thought was muted browns and yellows was quite vibrant yellows and browns and burgundy.

Mike wrote me back:

Yeah, those brands that the machines use in conjunction with them are CRAZY soapy, which actually is bad for carpet to begin with as soap attracts due because of the oil base. It’s a great process for dishes, but not so much for fabric!

One thing I really like the 950 for too is on fixtures like sinks where ceramic meets metal. If you look at your faucet base, you can usually see some grime between the metal and the porcelain. Spray some of the mixture on, let it sit for about 5 minutes and it breaks down that grime and you can usually wipe it all out using a paper towel . Also doors – where people push or kick the door open with their feet when their hands are full. This cleans that up nicely too.

 I’m here for anything you need!

Mike was my hero. I called my husband and told him the deal, and then I got another email from Mike:

I almost forgot to answer your question about pre-treating stains. Yes, you can do this with bad laundry stains. My daughter played softball in high school and her uniform was always trashed. We also build equipment here at work, so we get oil stains and smudges on our clothes. The best way to pretreat laundry is by spraying a mixture of 950 & water (usually I use 1/3 950 to 2/3 water in the spray bottle), spraying the stain and kind of rubbing it in with my finger. As the washing machine starts I will throw the stained item in last and pour just a dab of the 950 straight onto the pretreated area for an extra boost. With the stained clothes on the top, it gives the 950 some time to absorb into the stain as the machine is filling. Then, as the water finally fills up, it activates the 950 that has been soaked into the stain.

I’d like to say to you that Mike blows colored smoke, but the reality is Mike is fantastic!

Everything he told me about Genesis 950 is valid.

Our carpets look amazing! They also feel great. They aren’t stiff. They don’t have the residue feeling. The fibers are small again, and we have vacuum tracks (something I love)!

genesis 950 vacuum tracks

With all this negotiating, I failed to take pictures, and I was bummed because I know the difference. Then I opened the hall closet and realized, my husband doesn’t open the door to clean…so here you can see the before and after!

genesis 950

I have used it on our walls. I’m a wall washer. I wash walls regularly–I watch too much true crime and have it in my head that if I keep my walls clean, and something happens, they’ll find the fingerprints and crucial DNA.

before genesis 950

I simply spray on the diluted Genesis 950…

genesis 950

I let it sit for a minute or two, and then I wipe the wall down…

wiping genesis 950

I could not believe the nicotine was coming off the walls. Genesis 950 comes through…My walls look like we JUST painted (and to tell you the truth, we had no idea the bathroom had WHITE paint. We seriously thought it was beige).

after genesis 950

I have used it for laundry. It has taken out some seriously set stains. The only thing I could not get it to remove is blood–but Dawn dish soap works for that!

I have never encountered a company whose customer service is so helpful and fun to interact with–I am going to miss Mike’s emails!

Genesis 950 is a powerful cleaner. I really love the difference it has made on the carpet. Once we got all the generic soap out, we have no issues with suds or soap when we use the Genesis 950 in the soap chamber. It just pulls out the dirt! We pre-treat stains and spots with diluted Genesis 950 and never have a burst of soap come through on the machine. The stain just lifts and leaves clean(er) carpet behind.

You can connect with Genesis 950 on Facebook. Learn more about Genesis 950, and I’m telling you to get yourself some at!

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