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5 Best New Year Traditions Around the World!

Happy New Year! Ring in the New Year with great parties. Everybody around the world was waiting for this day to arrive. You, now have the chance to meet up with friends and family. This is one of those days when all get together to have a celebration.

5 Best New Year Traditions Around the World

The New Year also brings with it a wave of new luck. Many people find their luck in the Horoscope. All the Zodiac signs have some good and some bad in store for them, but still, people want to hope for the best for the coming year.

There are so many cultures and traditions around the world, and each country or culture has a different and, sometimes, unique way of celebrating the New Year’s arrival. The New Year traditions may differ, but one thing remains the same; the prayer for a better New Year, which is filled with joy and happiness.


We welcome each New Year openly, without knowing what is in store for us! Still, the New Year signifies the hope of a better tomorrow. Do you not feel the same way on the 31st of December every year?

How do you ring in the New Year? Party and drinks or a fun night with the whole family? Well, each country and culture welcome the New Year in its own unique and, at times, quirky way . Here are some of them:

South Africa:

Planning your stay in South Africa this New year? Well, get ready to enjoy mind-blowing fireworks displays and parties that last the whole night. If this is not enough, Cape Town has an amazing carnival in store for you!


Japan has a three-day New Year’s celebration festival full of games and food. On the outside of your home, people also place a Kadomatsu. It combines pine branches with plum twigs and bamboo; placing these outside homes is seen as a sign of luck.


Pile of smashed plates on a front porch? Is it New Year? Then, you must be in Denmark! This is considered to be a sign of good luck. The plates are left outside homes by friends and relatives as a Good Luck sign. Did you know that the Danish store broken and chipped plates throughout the year to celebrate New Year?


January 1st is an auspicious day for the Greek people. So, along with New Year’s celebrations, they also celebrate the Festival of Saint Basil, a saint who lived long ago. People bake St. Basil’s Cake on this day with a silver or gold coin. It is believed that whoever gets this coin in their slice will have a New Year filled with luck and happiness!


Planning to visit Portugal during New Year? Get ready to have grapes? As the clock strikes 12, it is a tradition to eat 12 grapes, a grape, for each month. There is a catch, you will have to eat all of them before the final stroke of midnight. Children also get to celebrate New Year’s Day with visits to houses to gather treats.

The world is filled with colorful cultures and people. These are just some of the most amazing and fun ways of bringing in the New Year each year. Look around, and you will find that New Year’s is that one day when people look back to find what has been good and what has been bad. You welcome the coming year with hopes of having fun, and good luck! Travel the world to find more fun and interesting ways to enjoy New Year’s Eve and Day. Welcome it with Pomp and Joy!

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