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5 Ways to Improve Sliding Door Security for Your Home

Sliding doors are a great choice for any home; and for many reasons. They help save space and provide unobstructed views of the outdoors. They’re also energy-efficient, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs. Plus, modern sliding doors are easy to use and maintain, with many versions featuring high-quality materials and sleek designs that can enhance the aesthetic of any home.

The major downside, however, is that they’re also a common target for burglars or anyone who’d want to gain unauthorized access to your property. Luckily, here are some tips you could use to beef up your home’s security as far as sliding doors are concerned.

5 Ways to Improve Sliding Door Security for Your Home

  1. Reinforce the Sliding Door Frame 

Reinforcing the frame of your sliding door is an important step to increase your home security and significantly boost your home’s value. You can do this with metal, wood, or plastic inserts, adding new bolts and screws, as well as steel pins at the top and sides of the opening for extra reinforcement.

These measures can help deter someone from prying your sliding door open with a screwdriver or similar tool. You could also add a security bar/rod in the door track, which further protects it from being forced open.

_loft interior with sliding door

  1. Consider Upgrading Your Sliding Door Locks 

Updating the locks you have on your sliding door can be a great way to improve security in your home. There are different types of locks available, ranging from keyed locks and deadbolts to electronic keypads and fingerprint access systems. The best choice will depend largely on the level of security and convenience needed.

Different locking systems also have different working mechanisms. For instance, sliding door handle locks usually come with a latch that can be opened or closed with a key. Keyless entry systems also offer convenience and can easily fit existing sliding door infrastructure.

  1. Install Alarm Sensors and CCTV 

Another useful tool to add more security to your home is using alarm systems, such as motion sensors or CCTV cameras. Motion sensors are activated when an intruder attempts to enter the premises and can quickly alert the homeowner of a potential breach.

Similarly, CCTV cameras provide an extra layer of protection by capturing footage of people attempting to enter your home when you’re not there for further identification purposes. When installed, both options can go a long way in deterring intruders.

patio with sliding doors

  1. Use Glass Door Coverings to Bolster Visual Privacy and Improve Security 

Glassdoor coverings such as curtains, blinds, or shutters can also be a great way to further secure your home. They enhance privacy, which prevents potential intruders from being able to see what’s inside your house.

These visually deterrent features keep potential intruders second-guessing whether there’s someone home or not. Moreover, applying window film can help make it more difficult for the sliding door glass to be smashed down by unwelcome guests when trying to gain forceful entry into your house.

  1. Keep a Regular Maintenance Routine 

Sliding door security is something that needs attention from time to time to make sure your home remains safe from potential intruders. As such, it’s important to keep an eye on the latch, locks, and other components of the sliding door, making sure they’re all functioning properly and aren’t worn, rusted, or damaged in any way.

Check regularly that all screws are secure, latches are tight, and the locks haven’t been tampered with. And besides routine inspections, sliding door maintenance also requires making sure the tracks and rollers are clean and properly lubricated. The last thing you want is to get locked out or inside when you need to seek safety just because your sliding door is stuck!

small back room with sliding door

In Conclusion

To sum it up, taking a few simple steps can make your sliding doors more secure for the long haul. From reinforcing and upgrading the frame and locks to following a regular maintenance routine, the above tips can go a long way in improving security around your home.

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