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5 To-Dos Before Moving Your Family Abroad

Moving can be very stressful, especially when trying to pack your whole life away to a new country. It is important to ensure you have everything in order before moving to a far-away place like Singapore, Moscow, Thailand, or Berlin. After applying for permanent residence, it is wise to start preparing. Here are some reminders of what to do before moving your family abroad:

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1. Create a Timeline

Organizing big tasks into smaller, manageable things to accomplish daily will take away some looming pressure from a big move.

Some assignments take longer to complete than others.

It is crucial to give yourself enough time, so you don’t miss any steps. 

It may be a good idea to create a 90-day calendar, so you can remember all the essential tasks you need to finish.

Having all your responsibilities before you can also help you analyze which undertakings will be most important and which ones will be less intense. 

2. Research Location and Visit

It is important to research and even explore the area you will be living in ahead of time before moving your family abroad.

It will make your transition much smoother to know the following: 

  • Where you will be grocery shopping
  • The safety of the neighborhood
  • The best schools for your children

Also, it is necessary to educate yourself on the culture and lifestyle. You can do this by researching the type of currency used, common foods they eat, or clothing they wear. You will also want to learn the basics of the local language.

3. Proper Identification

The most important identification you will need is your passport. Your passport must be close with you and stored safely in a purse or bag. Visas and work permits should also remain close to you as those are necessary to live and work in a new country for an extended period. Remember always to make multiple copies in case one goes missing. Alert the local embassy immediately if any of these essential documents get lost.

4. Medical Checks

It is important to get a bill of health for your family before leaving the country; you don’t want to spread any diseases nor need to seek medical treatment when you first arrive. Certain countries require specific vaccines (WebMD) before moving, and it is imperative to check which ones you need. 

In your medical research, you should also check what medical insurance or health care you can receive at your destination. Along with proper identification, you must have your medical records handy. Remember to carry copies of your medical records if you have any ongoing health issues.

5. Pack Efficiently

It is important to downsize before your move and sell any big furniture items that are too expensive to ship overseas. Moving large items can be expensive, so keep your haul light. You can almost always purchase such products at your new destination. 

If you have any favorite smaller appliances or practical electronics, remember to bring a power converter so your electronics are functional. Creating a checklist of everything you’re bringing will help you organize what items are packed away in boxes, suitcases, or purses. 


You may be worried that you, your spouse, and your children are not ready to leave. Moving is always stressful, but moving to an entirely new country overseas is extremely nerve-racking for many families. Start by organizing a timeline and work towards your moving date from there.

More information about moving you can find at, a reliable online resource.

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