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5 Reasons Chocolate is Perfect to Exhilarate Your Child

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Most kids love chocolates and their love for chocolate is also the result of the forbidding of their parents. As a parent, it is only natural for you to get concerned about your children’s health when they eat too much of it but studies say otherwise.

Why Chocolate Is Perfect To Exhilarate Kids

There are facts that have proven the mental and physical benefits of chocolate, especially on children.

Here are the reasons why chocolate is perfect to exhilarate your child:

cute boy licking lips staring at assortment of chocolate treats

Active Ingredients of Cocoa Beans

Ingredients or active molecules of cocoa beans are phenylethylamine, caffeine, anandamide, and theobromine, which increase the levels of dopamine, endorphin, and serotonin or the feel-good hormones.

Phenylethylamine is the same mood-lifting hormone that releases in our body when we are in love and kiss and cuddle.

Aside from that, Anandamide is a neurotransmitter in our body that gives us a feeling of bliss.

That’s why you and your kid both love the way that chocolate sits in your mouth, breaks, melts, and releases the heavenly feeling in you.

High Level of Flavonols

Cocoa beans contain exceptionally high levels of flavonols, a phytochemical with antioxidant properties.

So as many of you may already know, antioxidants protect us from the risks of different diseases and improve our heart health, so a bar of dark chocolate is actually good for your children.

Okay, so now you might be thinking that kids do not always like dark chocolates.

But the thumb rule is as fewer other saturated fats are in a chocolate bar the healthier and more beneficial it is.

What you can try is to make your children eat a chocolate bar with a higher cocoa percentage from a young age.

Then the cravings will be fulfilled and your children will be happy and healthy.

Several Health Benefits

Maybe children won’t possess the risk of different health problems so early on in their life.

But the habit of eating dark chocolate rather than other sugary candies would provide them health benefits.

It reduces the risk of diabetes, lowers blood pressure and controls blood sugar, increases the blood flow in our brain and heart, releases antidepressants, has anti-inflammatory properties, and prevents cell damage.

Little cute kid eating chocolate

The Sensory Experience

Imagine the shiny, rich, burnt umber body of chocolate, try to smell the aroma of cocoa mixed with milk and sugar.

In your imagination think of how tempted you feel when you have chocolate in your hand and an unearthly gust of bliss rushes through your mind when it melts in your mouth.

You can eat chocolate while enjoying it with all of your senses.

And this luxurious chocolate-eating experience each time wires us to a state of love for chocolate.

So, your children must adore that feeling.

Hence it is a good option to reward your children with chocolate truffles, maybe those that contain some nuts, the next time.

Flavor and Texture

Even for adults, it is impossible to resist the creamy and rich texture of chocolate, and as we generally reward kids with chocolates it becomes an involuntary source of happiness.

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Now you know that you need not feel guilty about giving chocolate as a gift to your children, their friends, and your family in a moderate amount. Visit the Alyan food website for chocolate gift boxes to spread some sweet love with chocolate.

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