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5 Quick and Clever Beauty Tips for Busy Moms

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Being a mom is a wonder that nothing can compare to. However, parenthood also makes you very short on time. If you want to look amazing and enhance the glow of happiness that comes with the love of your baby, you’ll need to learn a few beauty tips for busy moms.

Some simple changes in your style and routine, as well as a few handy products, can work wonders.

5 Quick and Clever Beauty Tips for Busy Moms

5 Beauty Tips for Busy Moms That Work for Everyone

1.     Use a lengthening mascara (or some baby powder)

Unfortunately, there’s no avoiding loss of sleep for a mom, so you can’t really avoid looking tired. However, you can hide the signs of it with clever use of mascara.

Lengthening your lashes makes your eyes ‘pop’ and look naturally brighter. This will reduce the tired look, especially if you cover circles under the eyes with an orange-based concealer (orange color neutralizes violet).

If you don’t have an opportunity to buy a specialized lengthening mascara, you can ‘boost’ your lashes by applying a bit of baby talk onto them before you apply your regular mascara.

Do this using a cotton swab and be sure not to overdo it. The talk might result in clumps, so you’ll need to remove them carefully before applying the second layer of mascara.

2.     Invest in a tinted shampoo

If you color your hair, you should buy not merely shampoo for dyed locks. You’ll need a tinted product as it will reduce the frequency of coloring treatments. Tinted shampoos also have the benefit of making your colored locks shiny and healthy as they are designed specifically for them.

Note that you might not be able to find a product with your exact shade. However, unless you dye your locks in platinum blonde, this wouldn’t matter as tint barely changes the color. If you do go for platinum and silver shades of blonde, you’ll need a purple-tinted shampoo. You can find one if you click the link. The purple pigment will neutralize the yellowing of bleached hair.

3.     Get a new hairstyle

Beauty tips for busy moms usually don’t include guides to speed hair styling because no matter how fast you can do it, you’re still not fast enough. The best thing to do if you have little free time for ‘dolling up’ is to choose a haircut that doesn’t need styling.

Otherwise, you will likely end up with a messy ponytail 90% of the time.

Short hairstyles are the best for this, as well as a bob if you have tame locks. A cut like this will also be good to help your locks heal. Pregnancy is often hard on a woman’s body, and many young mothers end up with split, weakened, and broken tresses.

Cutting your hair short will be a great ‘reboot.’

4.     Embrace the white eyeliner

A white eyeliner pencil is a busy mom’s best friend. Applying it takes only a few seconds, but it wipes out the tiredness of your eyes very well. Combined with lengthened lashes, this trick can make you look upbeat and wide awake even when your baby’s teething.

5.     Incorporate beauty time into your routine

It’s great when you have a chance to dedicate 2-3 hours to a relaxing bath, massage, exfoliation, and application of skin masks regularly. However, as a busy mom, you won’t be able to do this. So, you need to learn how to add these procedures to your daily routine.

For example, apply a mask while cooking or find a manicurist who can come to your place, instead of you going to the salon.

This way, you can get a manicure during scheduled nap time. Another easy way out would be to have your own skincare tool kit at home. It is not only economical but convenient where you can do it anytime anywhere. Check out this tool over here.

Analyze your daily schedule to determine how you can make sure there’s enough time for beauty. And remember that this is something you really need to make time for. Yes, your baby deserves all attention and love you can give it. However, it also wants to have a happy mom, and feeling beautiful makes one happier.

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