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5 Things You Should Know About Produce Growers

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Produce farming is currently one of the most vital industries in the world, not only for its contribution to the economy but also for its role in feeding the world. However, this industry is surrounded by many unknowns and misconceptions concerning how this it undertakes various farming activities. These erroneous beliefs may have lead to some people making wrong choices, especially when purchasing groceries. Below are five facts that you need to know about produce growers.

produce growers


  • Produce growers adhere to strict food safety standards

Food safety is perhaps the most important element when it comes to the production and consumption of farm produce. Due to the critical nature of food safety, produce growers usually undertake safety practices both on the farm and out of the farm to ensure their product is not contaminated. Some of these practices include employee training, water and pesticide testing, and third-party auditing and inspection.

  • Produce growers are high-tech

Produce growers employ state-of-the-art technologies in all farming practices. For instance, at Boggiatto Produce, various high-tech machines and drones are used in monitoring farm operations such as planting, cultivating, harvesting, packing, cooling, and shipping of a range of products. This ensures consistency in quality and superior yields as compared to traditional farming methods that do not have much control over the quality of yield produced.

  • Different produce growers have different flagship items

Despite yielding a wide range of farm products, produce growers usually have specific flagship products that they have focused on. These items generally enjoy heavy investments compared to other products and are available year-round. Therefore, grocery stores, restaurants, and other food service establishments ought to focus more on these products since they are of the highest quality and standard.

  • Produce growers grow their products in different counties and states

Due to changing seasons and fluctuating weather conditions all over the country, produce growers usually have multiple growing regions from which they extract their products. This strategy ensures that they can supply their customers with high-quality products all year round. This explains why you will always find products at your favorite grocery store throughout the year despite the harsh growing conditions in your region. However, despite having multiple growing regions, the produce growers will usually have a central headquarter from which management and distribution are done.

  • Produce growers offer recipes

You may have thought the services of these wonderful people revolve around the growing and distribution of farm produce. Well, some notable produce growers have taken it a notch higher by teaching you how to prepare their products in your kitchen. Their recipes are prepared by top-tier chefs and are developed in such a way as to meet the different needs of various food service professionals such as restaurants, catering services, institutions, business organizations, and many more.

Overly, the various items that produce growers supply to us are essential to the health and wellness of our bodies. Therefore, it’s vital to take some time and learn some nitty-gritty on how this industry operates.

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