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5 Must-Do Tours in Tuscany, Italy

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Home to about four million people, awe-inspiring landscapes, rich tradition, impressive history and opulent culture; Tuscany, Italy provides an experience unrivaled in many ways. As if time-traveling, visitors are greeted with a variety of beauties, each breathtaking in its own right. Thus, private tours in Tuscany never ran out of patrons, as people mark the historical place on their bucket lists and even return to the place to renew the experience, regularly. In effect, millions of tourists flock the famous place every year.

For first-time visitors, choosing places to visit and activities to do can be overwhelming, especially on a tight budget and constrained time. 

Here are five must-do tours in Tuscany for those who visit the place for the first time.

  • See the Leaning Tower of Pisa


Start with the most famous landmark that has captivated the hearts of many and made it to the bucket list of millions around the world. The tower of Pisa does not disappoint those who long to marvel it. Get fascinated by its architectural beauty and enjoy the envy of your friends.

  • Walk Across Ponte Vecchio

Even people who don’t have much interest in historic architecture can’t help but be fascinated by the huddle of old buildings they see while crossing Ponte Vecchio in Florence. The historic bridge is a testament to Florence’s rich culture dating back to the 14th century. The place used to be occupied by tanners, butchers, and fishmongers, while it becomes a must-visit place for tourists today.

  • Admire Art and History on the Duomo

Located some 40 miles south of Florence, Duomo in Siena is a 15th-century Gothic Cathedral that holds lovely frescoes that are sure to stimulate affection to art. Duomo boasts of the most beautiful facades and a treasure of artworks that depict the glamorous artistic history of Tuscany. The architecture of the place is a grandeur on its own, arranged in a majestic array.


  • Visit Montalcino

Experience history at its best as you take the hills and visit Montalcino. Situated off the main road of Siena, the place is home to a fantastic line of old buildings that creates a feeling of visiting the ancient times. It is at the center of the wine country, providing a thrilling view of amazing landscapes. It also has an old-fashioned market where you can go shopping and a fairytale-like fortress that will excite your inner historian.


  • Sign-up for Wine Class in Siena

A tour in Tuscany will never be complete without wine in every meal. Italian wine has a distinct flavor that is sought out by many. Siena’s wine country holds an excellent reputation for its produce and many flock to the place to have a taste of the fabulous wine. You can go beyond the tasting and sign up for a two-hour wine class. This is an experience first-time visitors must take.

Tuscany holds a vast array of beautiful things—art, architecture, culture, and much more. Traveling to the place will give you an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

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