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5 Main Advantages Of Timber Flooring

When it comes to choosing a new type of flooring for your cozy home during the building or renovation process, you can be sure that the option of a timber floor would be among top five on anyone’s list. Even though it is not for anyone and everyone, ultimately choosing the right type of flooring for your home is imperative.

After all, flooring is one of the main components that transform a house into your very own home. Even though a great many flooring trends come and go with every passing year, timber flooring has been around for decades and is very much here to stay. 

timber flooring


From its characteristic appearance and many other factors, timber has been identified as the ideal flooring option for many people out there.

On that very note, let’s find out why by delving into the five main advantages of timber flooring:

  • It is more durable and tougher: This is not an empty claim, but a fact. This makes up for the fact that it is more expensive than other related flooring options and is even water-resistant. Combine that with the fact that it is the most long-lasting type of flooring and you have the perfect flooring option. Many studies estimate that a timber floor can last as long as a hundred years.
  • More practical when it comes to maintenance: not only is it much easier to clean as compared to other types of floors, but unlike carpeted floors, they don’t trap dust and all sorts of allergens. Hence, instead of wet cleaning, dry cleaning does the job better in less time.
  • Being naturally good to look at: Unlike most other types of floors, timber flooring is exactly what it is. No real need for added ornamentation or anything related to making the surface more appealing to look at. From the very start, it has an extremely aesthetic and elegant look that improves with age.
  • The aspect of eco-friendly: This is because it is much more energy-efficient than other surfaces as well as the fact that they can even be reused and recycled. Not to mention the fact that they have a minimal effect on the environment.
  • It stores carbon for good: Although a lot of you may find this hard to believe, it is true. By removing CO2 from the atmosphere, timber plays its own part in halting the deadly effects of climate change. In this regard, no other flooring surface can hope to compete.

Even though it is more expensive than other flooring options, it’s several benefits are bound to ensure that you will have no regrets whatsoever after installing it. Plus you can be certain of the fact that the value of timber floors will never go out of fashion. After all, timber flooring is recommended by most for a good reason. However, don’t simply follow the herd because your other friends are installing timber. Make sure that you find out just how viable timber flooring as an option is as far as your particular house is concerned.

However, you would be advised to do your homework as thoroughly as possible and find out all the reliable services that offer the provision of timber flooring. Then it will become much easier for you to find out which specific service fits the bill. Since it is an expensive proposition, you will need to do whatever it takes in order to ensure that your money does not go waste.

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