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5 Things Houston Families Can Do To Save Electricity

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For families, finding new and innovative ways to stretch a dollar becomes something of an art form. Whether it’s by cutting out unnecessary spending for the kids or trying to save more around the house, the many costs incurred every month force many people to look for even more ways to save.

In Texas, especially, whether it’s the cost of utilities that stem from the scorching heat or the price of a meal out with the family, there are some sources of unnecessary spending. Fortunately, there are a few ways to get around those expenses and still meet all of your needs comfortably. To get started, consider the following tips for saving your family electricity in Houston.

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5 Things Houston Families Can Do To Save Electricity

Manage Birthday Parties

A few times a year, you may find yourself scratching your head about how to celebrate your child’s birthday without going overboard with the spending. Whether it is a costly venue or pricey theme-based decorations, a lot goes into holding a party, and it all adds up.

Before you order that cake or put those invitations together, make a budget for the event. Laying everything out should allow you to see where the bulk of the spending may come from and will enable you to start looking into ways to minimize it. Also, when it comes to birthdays, never be afraid to DIY. Whether it’s the cake or the decorations, reducing any of the costs will be in your best interest.

Get Outside More

As a Texan, you are fortunate in that you can be outside for a good portion of the year. Not only is getting out a good way to break up the time you and your family spend in the house, but it’s also a great way to get kids started with an active lifestyle. Whether it is done by going for a family walk or an after-dinner bike ride, heading outside will give you and your loved one a chance to spend some quality time together.

Regarding savings, getting outside also allows you to power down all the devices and appliances that you use regularly and cut your costs for a time. Making outdoor time a regular part of your weekly routine will make itself seen in your utility bill.

Eat At Home

Regarded as one of the barbecue capitals of the world, Houston is flushed with some pretty amazing restaurants and fast food establishments. Although eating out does make for a fun time and take the hassle of cooking off of your shoulders, it does come at a price.

Even just spending twenty dollars a week on fast food totals to over a thousand dollars spent. So instead of pulling up to that drive-thru, head home instead.

Staying in to eat allows you to reduce your spending and gives you complete control over your meal, enabling you to manipulate ingredients and the nutritional content. And you can still eat out, just reduce the frequency. Heading out for food less will help make doing so a more special occasion.

Save on Utilities

For Houston residents, one place that you can start saving is on your services providers. As a city, Houston is in what is referred to as a deregulated electricity market. That means that homeowners can select a utility provider from some electricity companies in Houston that service the area. Finding a company with rates and plans that match your usage patterns is one possible way to start saving. Also, many of the plan offerings within Texas are unique and present even more ways to save.

Most notably, prepaid electricity plans allow individuals to pay sums to companies ahead of time and receive service until that deposit is used up. At that point, you can pay for more or not. It’s a method of controlling costs and avoiding the shock of the bill at the end of the month.

Buy In Bulk

When it comes to making purchases, one way to start cutting your costs is to buy in bulk. Wholesale clubs like Costco and BJ’s offer many of our everyday purchases in packs that greatly reduce the per-unit cost, making them a steal. And on top of the money you’ll save, buying in bulk helps you to cut down on the number of trips you have to make when shopping. Just be careful to remember that it’s easy to get carried away and that buying in bulk is not always beneficial for perishable goods that go expired quicker than others. Going in with that understanding, you’ll be able to take advantage of some big savings.

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