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5 Games You Can Enjoy with a Busy Lifestyle

People are busier than ever, with increasing demands on their time; family, work, commuting, studying, cooking, cleaning, tidying, seeing friends and family – it can all sometimes feel overwhelming and like there isn’t enough time to take a break. Games are a common way for people to relax, but even the most ardent of gamers, when faced with the realities of life, will struggle to make the time needed to fully immerse themselves in a full-blown MMO, MOBA or FPS. There are, however, many games that can be played on the go, in short bursts, and will provide fun and excitement without requiring the time commitment.

woman playing one of 6 games you can enjoy with a busy lifestyle

Book of Kingdom’s online slot

The Book of Kingdoms slot is an exciting 5-reel, 3-row machine that offers 25 paylines. If you land three or more matching symbols or wilds in a payline, you’re a winner. You can stake as little as 25p and bet a maximum of £250 per spin. It’s also made easier how you can run between 10 and 1,000 auto-spins to save yourself some time. There are also quick and turbo spin modes available. The RTP is 96.69%, the percentage of wagered money you can expect to get back over time.

Online slots offer players the ability to drop in and out to enjoy the thrill of the spin, they require neither huge time nor financial commitments, and there is a themes and wager types to suit all types of a player, from the most novice, casual gamers, to the hardcore experienced gambler. Slots are fast-paced and fun, easily accessible with even the most basic online/mobile technology. They provide endless excitement to the player, adding an element of fun and exhilaration to daily life. If you log on to an established site like 888 casinos, you will find thousands of online slots with a range of themes and bonus features.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

For fans of Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls: Blades offers a similar on-the-go experience. An action role-playing game from a first-person perspective, the game was designed specifically for mobiles. It offers one-on-one combat, though due to the mobile platform’s limitation, there are some sizeable differences between the mobile version and those built for consoles. The game design is linear, which makes it ideal for busy on-the-go gamers; there aren’t side quests to get lost in, and the time spent in-game can be more easily limited, so dipping in and out of the game is made easier. There are three different modes in the game; Abyss (an endless dungeon used to gain strength and experience), Arena (player versus player), and Town (the main mode where players complete quests, meet NPCs, and progress the story). Socially, players can visit their friends’ towns. This is the ideal way to quench the thirst for a meatier game when time is short.

Words with Friends

 For those wanting something more puzzle-y and words based, you can’t go wrong with Words with Friends. You can play against a bot, let the game find opponents, or play against your friends (obviously!).  You can choose to interact with those in the game or let your words do the talking. While similar to another well-known word game, there are some slight differences, including the board size and the prevalence of bonus tiles, meaning that you can hit up two (sometimes even 3!) tiles with one word. Other modes are available if your opponent is not playing fast enough, where you can test your skills against different objectives and in a timed environment. This is a great game to help keep the grey cells active and alert and can be a really good way of winding down and forgetting the stresses of the day – all whilst still scoring 45 points and defeating your opponent! There are multiple guides available to help players progress in their game.

woman at counter playing games you can enjoy with a busy lifestyle

Bloons Tower Defense

This is a classic strategy game based on the flash desktop version popular in the early 2000s. It’s an addictive game that rests on a simple premise: popping balloons. The higher the level, the more balloons. Players have to build towers and place monkeys to pop the balloons. The simple yet entertaining premise makes this the perfect game to help pass the time and give the player the satisfaction of completing a level or two. Knowing that other players cannot impinge on your gameplay is simple enough to pick up and put down. The frequent updates and additional levels keep the game fresh, and the seasonal additions keep the player coming back day after day.

80 Days

This is a text-based strategy game that recreates Phileas Fogg’s journey around the world. The beauty of this game, a reimagining of the Jules Verne Classic, is that the player controls all the decisions. After leaving London on an underwater train to Paris, or a carriage to Cambridge, the player controls the rest of the journey, planning the route around the world. Traveling from city to city unlocks unique narrative content. It is estimated that once around the world will expose the player to just 2% of the overall game content, allowing for almost endless possibilities. Regular updates to the game include additional cities and a treacherous journey across the North Pole, keeping the game fresh and engaging. There are also references to Verne’s other works, including Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and From the Earth to the Moon, Easter Eggs, and hidden endings. Easy to dip in and out of, the excitement and engagement can be achieved without a big game’s time commitment.

Game developers have recognized the shifts in our daily lives and used the available technology to adapt their offerings. There are hundreds of games similar to the above, says Buzz Feed, that will allow gamers to still have the thrill and excitement of a gaming experience without sacrificing another area of their already busy lives.

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