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5 Fun Family Activities Shared by Denise Richards

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Denise Richards, probably best known for her divorce from Charlie Sheen, is a mom who understand that spending quality time together with family is always a top priority. Denise, like Totino’s embraces the craziness of motherhood. With three beautiful girls, and a career outside the home, Denise knows how hectic life can get and how difficult it can be to bring the family together.

Denise Richards with girls

Its’ not just actresses, all moms out there are also extremely busy and looking for fun ways to bring their families together, Denise has shared her top five fun family activities – to give moms ideas for easy and fun activities the whole family can enjoy, without breaking the bank.

1.       Pizza and a movie night.

Every month, we all gather in the living room for a pizza and a movie night. We alternate who picks the movie, and what type of pizza we get.  If it were my pick, I would choose a comedy, my all-time favorite!  During family movie night, there is always smiling, sometimes a few tears (if the movie is sad) and definitely some good, quality cuddling!

2.       Fun times with friends.

Everyone is so busy we often forget to re-connect with friends.  Try scheduling monthly family outings together … it can be to the park, the museum or even to each other’s houses for a backyard BBQ.  Nothing fancy, just enjoying time together.

 3.       Giving back.

Over the years, I have supported some amazing charities, and I encourage my kids to volunteer with me, whenever possible. It’s important to me that we give back, and showing my kids the impact we can make by helping others is so rewarding.  One of the places we’ve volunteered together is our local animal shelter – it was such a great experience and we can’t wait to go back!

 4.       Be sporty.

Even though we are not all athletic, we love playing a good game of softball or tag in our back yard.  Sometimes, we pick non-traditional games, like kickball, something that none of us know how to do and that we can all learn together.5.       Inspire Creativity.

Spending time creating crafts with your kids can turn any day into a fun-filled day!  In fact, my family can spend hours together coloring, drawing, painting and glittering things up.  The kids love it because they get to be creative, and I love it because in the end, I have something beautiful to display in our home.

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