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5 Benefits of Skateboarding That You Should Know About

If you are concerned about whether you should pick up skateboarding or not and worried about how dangerous the sport is, then let me tell you why you should definitely pick up a board. There were times when skateboarding was considered a dangerous sport and a hipster’s choice, but nowadays, it is definitely one of the most popular sports among millennials.

With that said, let’s focus on the positives rather than talking about all the risks and negatives about the sport.

Skateboarding is definitely one of the most popular sports among millennials and with good reason; check out these 5 benefits of skateboarding!

5 Benefits of Skateboarding That You Should Know About

Health Benefits

First of all, we’ve gotta talk about all the health benefits that come along with skateboarding as soon as you pick up your skateboard for the first time.

So, just like any other sport like cycling, swimming, etc., it is good for staying healthy and fit.

But it is unique in its own nature as you’ll always be wearing a smile on your face.

So it’s best for those tired gym junkies!

Apart from that, other health benefits include:

♥ Can help you to burn calories.

♥ Can help you build muscles, especially strengthening your feet and legs.

♥ Can relieve stress.

♥ Can help you with depression.

♥ Can help Autistic children as it is a good form of therapy for them. (HuffPost)

Now, let’s move on to how skateboarding can help you look good.

Hipster girl with skateboard outdoors. Closeup skateboarding. Active sporty woman having fun in park

Burning Calories

If you are on a mission to lose some weight, then you are in for a treat, as just by skateboarding, you can easily burn 300-500 calories per day.

So if you have to choose a skateboard for your short errands and commutes, then I bet you will get in shape in no time.

Though the calories burnt aren’t that much but just adding that extra workout to your daily routine might just be the thing to reach your monthly fitness goals, and the best part, is you won’t feel lazy and tired all day long as it helps you to stay active.


Skateboarding can help you make some new friends, as skateboarders are considered one of the friendliest people on the planet.

If you are new to skateboarding, all you have to do is visit a skate park, and you’ll find dozens of people that share the same passion and will help you to pick up skateboarding.

This will greatly improve your social exposure as skateboarding is just the thing that can burn bridges between all different age groups.

Whether you are old or young; it doesn’t matter as long as you are feeling some sort of connection through skateboarding.

Legs in sneakers on a skateboard


If there is something that skateboarders get right all the time, it is their love to wear those street-to-chic crossover shirts.

Skateboarders’ fashion is on point all the time, and that’s the reason why most famous designers and models like Cara Delevingne and Natalie Westling get their inspiration from skateboarding.

So if you wanna look stylish, dress up like a skateboarder.

For that, you’ll need a pair of VANS, some comfy pants, a skateboard backpack and most important a Thrasher T-shirt and OF COURSE a skateboard too because without that your look won’t be complete.

That’s all you need to hit the streets.

Benefits of Skateboarding

Benefits of Skateboarding: Pain Tolerance & Reducing Stress

If you are in for negatives and all the pain involved in the game, don’t even think of skateboarding, go for golf or darts if you want to because skateboarding is all about pain and finding your joy in it.

The most important thing that skateboarding teaches us is how to fall repeatedly and get up repeatedly.

You’ll definitely be covered in bruises and scars when you will get on a skateboard for the first time, but from time to time, you’ll get up and will love every second of it.

Also, like any other activity, you’ll find yourself free in skateboarding as soon as you have that skateboard underneath you, and any stress or tension that you have up in your mind all day long will be gone in seconds.

Benefits of Skateboarding: Flexibility

Wanna get flexible, but you don’t like yoga and find yourself laughing when you try to do so.

Then don’t worry; skateboarding is just the thing you need. You are engaging and moving every single muscle and part of your body when you are on your board.

While going through all those twists and turns, if this doesn’t make you flexible enough, what will?

It will also greatly help your joints and knees become extra strong and endure all types of pain.

So, if you are thinking of skateboarding, I’ll encourage you to not hesitate for a second as it’s the best outdoor activity that will positively help your body, soul, and mind.

It will make you look cooler, you’ll be less stressed, and you’ll definitely make some new friends along the way.

So, start slowly and enjoy every bit and every second of it!

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