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5 Attractive Curls You Can Make With Clip in Hair Extensions

It seems we always want the hair we can’t have… until now. If you’ve ever found yourself dreaming of the gorgeous curls seen on magazine covers, you can now achieve them at home on your own. Thanks to hair extensions that add both thickness and length to any type of hair, you can create the perfect full, bouncy curls, time and time again. Here are five of the most popular curl types to try with the help of ZALA clip-in hair extensions.

girl with clip on hair extension curls dancing in sun burst

1. Barrel Curls

If you’re looking to create big, glamorous curls with your clip-in extensions, then barrel curls are the way to go. You can either use a big barrel curling iron or hair rollers to achieve this look. Let us walk you through both options.

Curling iron: it’s important that your clip-in human hair extensions are completely dry before you begin, otherwise you risk heat damaging them. (Human hair extensions can be styled like your normal hair, while synthetic extensions can’t.) You should also apply a heat protectant before beginning.

Open the mouth of the curling iron and start from the bottom. Wrap about 3 inches of hair around the rod and roll all the way up until you’re about 2 inches from your head. Close the clasp and hold it in place for 10 seconds. As you let go, hold the curl in place at the top of your head and pin it there with a bobby pin. Once you have completed your head, give it a spray with hairspray to lock the curls in place. Then, unpin all the curls.

Roller: Use the same method as above, this time rolling the hair onto the roller and pinning it to the top of your head. Once again, you’ll want to give it a good spray with hairspray to help the style last longer.

Barrel curls are one of 5 Attractive Curls You Can Make With Clip in Hair Extensions

2. Loose Curls

Loose curls are the perfect way to achieve that dreamy, effortless look that suits any occasion. You’ll definitely want to use a curling wand for this one.

Divide your hair into 2-inch bunches. Wrap each one around the wand and hold it there for 5 seconds before letting it go again. Once you’ve done this with all your hair, simply run your fingers through it to loosen the waves a little. You can do this as much or as little as you like, depending on the look you’re after.

3. Beach Waves

Looking to get that gorgeous beachy look as if you’ve just stepped out of the ocean? Here’s how! For this one, you’ll get the best results using flexirods. Separate your hair into 2-inch bunches and wrap each one around flexirods and then attach these to your head.

Spray with hair spray and leave them in overnight. Remove the rods in the morning and run your fingers through your hair until you achieve that beachy, mermaid-hair vibe.

Beach waves are one of 5 Attractive Curls You Can Make With Clip in Hair Extensions

4. Braided Beach Waves

Another way to achieve a stunning beach wave look is with braided beach waves. With this method, you want to dampen your hair and separate it into about 5 to 10 sections. The more sections you choose, the more waves you’ll end up with.

Braid each section and fasten it at the bottom with a hair tie. Spray with hairspray and then wrap your locks in a satin scarf for the night. In the morning, unbraid your hair and brush it out gently.

5. Lazy Curl

If you’re after a loose, subtle wave, then you want to lazy curl. The curling iron is the best tool to achieve this look

Section your hair into 2-inch segments and wrap them around the iron. You only want to go halfway up your head before stopping and changing direction for the rest.

Changing the direction and then leaving the ends of the curl out will create that stunning, relaxed look.


There are so many different options and styles when it comes to curling your hair. Clip-in extensions give you the freedom to play around with a style that suits you, giving you freedom to choose the desired length, thickness, and color of your hair.

With most of these curl styles, you have the added option of curling your extensions before attaching them. This can make life easier for you and offer more flexibility when styling.

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