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5 Aspects to Think about before Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Anytime you are planning to go for any surgery; it is recommended that you put thought into your decision. And if you are planning to look for a plastic surgeon to undergo cosmetic surgery, the decision should not be concluded on a whim. It is such a serious decision that a lot had to be pondered on and discussed extensively. So to help you make the decision, here are the most important aspects you should care about.

Having breast surgery is a huge decision and there are obvious risks. Finding a reputable surgeon with years of experience is perhaps the biggest decision you will ever make for your body. Those that read our blog from the United Kingdom can have a look into Guy Sterne who specializes in breast surgery including breast augmentation. Guy boasts 30 years of surgical experience and has worked both for the National Health Service (NHS UK) and within his own private practice.

5 Aspects to Think about before Breast Augmentation Surgery

5 Aspects to Think about before Breast Augmentation Surgery

  1. General health

So, to know whether you are eligible for breast augmentation surgery or not, your general health is of great importance. Besides, your medical history will act as an excellent source of information on your overall health. It will also make sure you are a safe candidate for that procedure and can figure out if you will get optimal results.

For example; the surgeon will ask about your lifestyle. Do you smoke? Or do you exercise often? However, they do not forget about the ideal weight. All these factors will help the surgeon learn if your surgery will be successful or it will lead to more serious trouble than when you are trying to solve.

  1. Having kids

Breast surgery is most popular with women who have already had children. Typically, pregnancy might have caused breasts to become less elastic, or lose their normal volume thus the need for augmentation. But for those who have not finished having kids, the surgeon should know. This makes them take extra care to glands and nipples to retain their functionality due to future breastfeeding needs.

  1. Financial sufficiency

Your medical cover may not cover your breast augmentation procedure. As a result, you must review your decision taking into account your economic feasibility. There are numerous payment options in most hospitals offering the surgery, but you need to be sure that you are in a position to cater for all the cost.

  1. Your plastic surgeon

It is a blind idea not to choose your surgeon wisely when it comes to surgeries. It is a vital factor that you cannot underestimate. So you must make sure to select a surgeon who is certified for your kind of plastic surgery procedure. This is to be sure you are not letting a quack play with the valuable assets that you would like to be proud of always. Also, ensure you meet them in person even after an online chat.

  1. Know why you want the surgery

There are a couple of reasons why women undergo breast augmentation. Some go for it to get feminine curves, make them voluminous, improve their appearance, increase their size or even improve self-confidence. Though it is surgery for everyone, it is good to factor in why you need it. However; it is not advisable to augment your breast to please someone else, because you may regret it.


In conclusion, all these aspects explored above are purposely meant to assist you in the process of making up your decision in going for plastic surgery. Kindly do not underrate any of them since they are all worth your attention and to avoid regrets you should adhere to their recommendations.

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