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5 Amazing Tips that Dental Assistants Use to Connect With their Patients

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5 Amazing Tips that Dental Assistants Use to Connect With their Patients

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We all have people and situations that sometimes trigger certain unpleasant emotions. One of these routine activities that a lot of people are very anxious about is the relationship between their dentist and themselves. Dental assistants are usually the first to see a patient, and good assistants are skilled at allaying common fears and putting patients at ease. Do you have a talent for making people around you comfortable? If so, maybe it’s time to think about a new career and about how to become a dental assistant.

Unlike a traditional secretary position, dental assistants handle more than just the administrative side of the business. Some more standard practices of dental assistants include:

  • Taking x-rays of patients
  • Sterilizing dental equipment
  • Assisting in dental procedures with a dentist
  • Educating patients on how to maintain optimal oral hygiene

Improving the Dental Assistant to Customer Relationship

The first way dental assistants can improve their relationship with patients is by first knowing exactly what they are responsible for and by discussing the details of their job with the dentist that they are working with in detail. By having a clear understanding of what the dental assistant is responsible for allows them to avoid feeling overwhelmed or stressed unnecessarily. It’s true we need dental assistants who are calm and relaxed during the entire procedure which in turn relaxes the patient and ensure a smooth process.

Relaxation Techniques

The focus point is going to be on making the patient feel comfortable and relaxed before the procedure begins, while the procedure is in progress, and after the procedure ends. Explaining the procedure to the patient beforehand and asking about their medical history shows that you care and put their welfare as the major priority. Here are two “vibe breakers” to avoid doing as they will quickly ruin the relaxing atmosphere a dental assistant needs to create.

  1. Getting up in the middle of a procedure because you “forgot something.” (Looking over your schedule first thing in the morning can help you avoid any surprises during the process.)
  2. Not understanding how to multi-task is going to be the fastest way muck up an otherwise smooth process. Even though multitasking gets a bad rap in general, in the world of a dental assistant, it’s like oxygen. Learn to multi-task or consider a different career.

Organizational Skills

The last thing you want to do as a dental assistant is get bogged down by mixing up a patient’s records. Being organized helps a dental assistant locate important files speedily, giving customers prompt service without long periods of waiting. Knowing that the dental assistant is a genuinely caring person makes it so much easier to trust and listen to their communications.

Additional Skills and Training

Last but certainly not least, dental assistants will want to make sure they are upgrading their skillset by receiving adequate training. Dental assistant training may cover topics pertaining to their fields like medical terminology, radiography, pharmacology, in addition to bookkeeping as well. The right mixture of training, experiencing unique situations as they arise, and practicing the tips mentioned above are a great way to build the amounts of comfort and trust required for a thriving customer/client relationship!

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