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4 Tips for Introducing a New Pet to Family

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We often talk about the day Bailey Mae came to our family. It was raining. The weather was nippy cold as Miss M and I headed west to discover if one of the four puppies would soon be calling us family. We watched the four pups play and almost instantly we knew Bailey Mae was exactly who we wanted.
We had to negotiate but she was ours. Miss M tucked her into her coat and we headed to the store to get food for our four legged family member. Bailey Mae shivered and shook…part of it from the weather, part of it from leaving her mom and siblings. Once we were home, we had the challenge of letting her adapt without little ones carrying her everywhere and getting down in her face!
To answer questions every pet owner should be asking when it comes to preparing for a new pet or for baby, Heidi Ganahl, CEO and Founder of Camp Bow Wow, North America’s largest and fastest growing pet care franchise and INC 5000, here are four Tips for Introducing a New Pet to Family to make the transition joyful for every member of your growing family.
1. Get everyone in the family on board – It is important that all of your family members are ready for the responsibility of a dog. Prior to bringing your new dog home, determine who is responsible for walks, feeding, etc., so once your pup is in the home, you are ready to get started on the right paw.

2. Head to the store – You will want to purchase items you will need for your pet prior to them coming home. You will need food, dishes, toys, cleaner for accidents, a leash and collar and more. You want to ensure that you have as much as you need.

3. Let your pet settle in – When you bring your dog home, give them time to settle in and relax, especially if you have child. It can take a new dog a few days to acclimate to their new surroundings, so give them time to de-stress.

4. Get your pup on a schedule – Dogs are very schedule-oriented, so ensuring that you get them on a routine as quickly as possible will help them understand potty times, feeding, walks and more. This will help the transition of having new pets in your home easier for the dog and your family.

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