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4 Rental Home Improvement Tips to Attract Renters

Any rental property owner will tell you that apart from establishing a good relationship with tenants, maintaining the unit in top condition is one key to their business success. You’ll never attract good tenants in the first place if your unit is unkempt.

But if you do need to make some improvements to your home to raise its value and draw renters, here are a few things you can do:

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Show off your property

Sure, the interiors of your rental home should feel homely and inviting, but don’t forget about your property’s curbside appeal too.

After all, it is the first thing people notice when coming to your property.

It doesn’t need to be overly detailed, but it certainly needs to catch the interest of potential renters.

For example, if your property has a good-sized outdoor space, it’s a good idea to install an aluminum fence panel and add a fresh coat of paint to your home exteriors.

Then put some plants and light fixtures too.

These simple upgrades will not only make boost the home’s curbside appeal they will also raise its value too, which can translate to higher rental revenues.

Remodel the kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are perhaps two of the most utilized rooms in any house.

If these areas are poorly maintained or need some serious upgrade, you need to fix them immediately.

These may seem like costly renovations at first, but these will surely attract more tenants who are more than willing to pay higher rent for a well-maintained home.

Try to check the kitchen’s layout, for instance, and see how you can still improve on it.

Should you buy a bigger refrigerator, or should you just move it to any position?

Similarly, assess the bathroom if you need to replace the vanities or if the plumbing is still in good condition.

Mind the floor

Take a look at the floors and see if they still complement the overall theme of your home interiors.

Hardwood floors and vinyl floors are some of the most popular choices now, but it really depends on your personal taste or what you think your future tenants would like.

If you aren’t too sure if you’d want to change the flooring, you can also opt for carpets instead.

There are dozens of carpet styles and designs you can choose from, but make sure to pick the right size for the house.

Let more light in

Natural illumination can help bring out the details of the rental home’s interiors and make it feel more spacious.

Plus, it elevates the mood in the house, which is always good if you’re looking for tenants.

You can put more mirrors or furniture pieces with a reflective surface to let more light into the room, suggests The Spruce.

They can help diffuse light and add a stylish touch to the space.

Often, all your rental property needs is a bit of restoration for potential tenants to come knocking in.

Take your time to assess which parts of your home you need to work on so you can focus next on finding good renters.



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